Clonaid – a soap bubble?

The hearing

With tension, the appeal was expected in front of the Broward County Circuit Court. Judge John Frusciant wanted to monitor the monitoring of the baby "Eve" caused by state: "I am here to enter the safety of the child and its protection," he explained. Accompanied by law on the Department of Children Families Kied Lawyer Bernard Siegel, who brought the stone to roll. Clonaid and the Raelia were represented by the lawsold Jonathan Schwartz and Barry Wax. The defendants were not already published.

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Bernard Siegel had to grant that he did not find a business address, nor registration number or even business documents from the company Clonaid, and relies on the interviews of Mrs Brigitte Boisselier. Clonaids’s lawyers to understand that they do not consider the court in the question for reasons: "The child was never in Florida, was not born there and not fueled. The parents want to stay anonymous," explained Jonathan Schwartz. The lawyer denied that he saw parents and baby, and answered the question: the child exists overhead? With the statement: "I have no idea." Clonaids Viceprasident Thomas Kaenky, from Las Vegas, brought by phone, established that nowhere in the world a company called Clonaid was registered, and he would not be paid for his activity. Nevertheless, in a week Clonaids Prasidente should occur in court.

Claude Vorilhon, the Guru of the Raelia, as well as Brigitte Boisselier, Prasidente of a non-existent, so to speak virtual clonaid company, pull off a show. Some hundred trends that came together in Montreal last weekend were excited. With millions, the Raelia wants to shop in a previously insignificant political party in Quebec. Maybe only another brain speech? Nevertheless, Vorilhon and Boisselier are imperceptibly the world because they blur the boundaries between reality and imagination. "Human cloning is now and today," Provided the clarified burger in isolated surveys. The worldwide campaign is therefore eagerly picked up and commented.

The question remains what role the lawsuit and the judge are considered. Why can Bernard Siegel on a procedure, although he can not make a company Clonaid Dingfest? And the lawsalt Jonathan Schwartz and Barry Wax: were they aware that they represent a certificate? It already has something surreal.

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