Cinema without limits

The film festival "Made in Hong Kong" In the Berlin house of the cultures of the world

Rough bads bring about rough gestures again and again. It is best to steer yourself in exchange projects. Berlin needs this, especially needs Berlin Hong Kong. To what extent Hong Kong Berlin needs, will still turn out. The second part of the series of events "Festival of Vision" Looks for a visit of numerous Berlin artists in the external metropolis. First, however, the Hong Kong Chinese are in Berlin, in the house of the cultures of the world. They brought art, films and a whole series of Eloquenter speakers.

Cinema without limits

Website too "Spacked out" by Lawrence Ah Mon

"Why exists today, in the age of globalization and telecommunications, a place like Hong Kong?", Saskia sat down. The question is just a place how Hong Kong especially interesting. Especially it is invading a label like "Made in Hong Kong" on. It is the title of the film series, the well-known filmmakers like John Woo and Wong Kar Wai, but also new names. For example Lawrence AH MON.

Unknown, the pictures of the second AH MON feature film "Spacked out" come from Hong Kong. The fashion of the kids and the house facades are clearly determined at first glance in their origin. Then the 13-16-year-old heroines of the film open, drove us into their world of mobile phone and print club romances – and in mind are Tokyo (as a country of origin of these trends) and Singapore and Seoul (as other test fields of these youth culture technologies To). Feels "Bounce" recalled a movie about adolescent animating ladies, underhospitives and porn actors who portray the scene in Tokios Jugendkulturesviertel Shibuya and to see Berlinbeta last year.

Your handling of your own body as the only, expensive capital to sell, your attitude towards family values and authorities may have taught many a – "Spacked out" Toppt all this and even present a new Girlie model. What the path havengers of cookie (from which the film unfolds the film) especially from the Tokyts Ko-Gyaru is different, is your waiver of material prosperity. money does not matter. It’s just there, or is aquired with the sale of mobile phones on Mainland China. Otherwise, somehow, all the possible rules breaks through, flies from the school, and let the punk rebels hung as often as possible. In short: In addition to Ko-Gyaru alluren, the "Spacked out"-Girlies in front of Akira-style resistance potential. This has not been seen so yet, and that multiple abortions are obvious to everyday life of a 12-year-old, probably not.

But the National Cinema Hong Kong does not just build on uprooted icons. His special feature is of course the powerful film industry. However, one has not been able to contact the boom phase at the beginning of the 90s for the time being. For quite some time, there has been a departure trend, which is also due to new audience expectations. As a result of the Film Critic Film Ho Ho, the viewers can no longer be identified with the workers class amortization of the succinct Hong Kong productions. A heavy blow for old-in fans of gangster epics and actioncomodies. It is designated, however, that the departure from the fracture asthetics especially the western audience was allowed to displease. Clear who from the European John-Woo fans was able to approve his move to Hollywood. During classics like "The killer" (1995) Turned to the Source of Nostalgia, Hollywood Kollagancher could "Broken arrow" Only on resistance. Anders the Chinese community – another special feature of Hong Kong cinema. Because its main audience is not recruited from westerners, but from Chinese (in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau), Taiwanese and all those who sued themselves in one of the Chinatowns in the world.

A global audience, a language; one Dream factory, which now increasingly has its ideals on the middle class. You look to America. Hardly a wonder so that John Woo is celebrated as the new hero. One who has done it in Hollywood. One who can serve the new needs of the Chinese community.

Therefore, it is a pity that hardly a transnational production has been included in the program. For example, you like "King of masks" seen. A co-production of China Youth Film Studio and Shaw Brothers Studio in Hong Kong, acts Wu Tianmings Filmepos from a strab artist in the 20s. The opera mask, which he trags in front of his face, can exchange them like spells, and that in a speed that no one in the audience is able to recognize where the new mask comes from or where the old one disappears. This is of course recalling the topic of John Woo movies "Face off" and "M: I-2", What in turn stimulates to pursue lead motifs of Hong Kong cinemas out the limits of the production site. At the core, this approach is compressed in a film like "Hold Me Tight" For Omni Prassen Atmosphere. The heroes are Asians in a time, after this the Chinese take over world domination. At least the spacious interiors, landscaping and androgynen facial admissions as have been taken from a pool of codes and genes that has no national origin.

Made in Hong Kong – Film Festival 4. – 27.8th. At the weekends Open Air entry: 8, – DM, mermitted 5, – DM

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