Change at the zulangspitze in four segments

Change at the zulangspitze in four segments

The Federal Corporation Agreement reports a change of the most popular model in four segments for October 2013: In the small car, the VW Polo has worked forward, in the middle class of VW Passat, in the upper middle class, the Mercedes E-Class is the most popular and at the sports car of the Porsche 911.

With 265.441 newly authorized passenger cars were in October 2013 compared to the same month of the previous year by 2.3 percent better. However, the first ten months of this year were worse than in 2012: in the came with 2.482.460 new cars 5.2 of a hundred less on the strain. 62 percent were commercial ones.

Mazda snaps up steeply

Porsche and Opel could grow at 24.2 and 12.1 percent most strongest, Mini with 9.3, BMW with 3.1, VW with 1.9 and Mercedes with 1.1 V. H. Audi lost 7.6 percent. VW continues to restore the strongest share of the car new – in October, he made 23.3 percent. Mazda lagged in the import marks at 56.1 percent most clearly. But Jaguar with 39.7 percent, Skoda with 36.9 percent, Jeep with 34.3 percent and Seat with 24.3 percent grew clearly. SKODA is also the strongest import mark with a new inlet of 5.7 percent, followed by Renault and Hyundai, each with 3.2 percent each.

The compact class remains far ahead

Knapped the half of all new ones at 49.7 percent in October at the Mini Segments with 7.1% percent, small cars with 15.7 percent and compact class with 26.9 percent. The coarse increase in the month compared to the Utilities like the Ford Tourneo Connect with 15.2 percent and the upper class with 14.5 percent plus. SUVs climb to 11.6, the railaries, on the other hand, slides by 7.7 percent.

Mini explosion of e-cars, hybrid win a quarter

978 Approved electric vehicles means a proportion of new than 0.4 percent, otto and diesel engine, with 49.6 or 48.4 percent, still by far the gros of the new. After all, the growth of the E-Mobile is around 168.7 percent the big starting movement. Hybrid cars did not improve so well, but laid a considerable 23.2 percent. The average CO2 outstall was returned by 4.2 percent despite a highly increased average increase in the average power of the engines.

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