Cdu speaker: privacy structure as a large brake of digitization

CDU speaker: Privacy structure as a large brake of digitization

The CDU / CSU parliamentary group wants to make up with the structures of independent privacy robes of the Bund and countries grown in this country. The local organization of the supervision with 17 data protection officers is one of the largest brake pad in digitization, was the digital policy speaker of the sisterces parties, Tankred Schipanski, on Friday in the Bundestag. This is accompanied by innovation. The Christian Democrat stressed: "This will no longer exist in the future with the Union."

Right to informational self-determination is "No super ground right"

The right to informational self-determination is "No super ground right", SCHIPANSKI said in a pronunciation for the DigitalAgenda of the Federal Government. He demanded: "We need real-real decisions." CDU / CSU therefore applied "More centralization" and advice as well "binding information". Already at the beginning of the legislative period Digital State Minister Dorothee Bar (CSU) had criticized that in this country "a privacy as in the 18th. century" rule. It rubbed itself above all at the "Trend to the small staterei" in the supervision. Centralization planes of the conservatives have since never been far.

At the debate, Bar now moved a positive conclusion of the implementation strategy for the digital agenda. Over 90 percent of the confessed steps were done or tackled. With the data strategy, Schwarz-Red had even gone beyond the coalition agreement. Over 300 administrative services are now digitized, in digital education "we are crowded far". The cloud project Gaia-X was able to turn out as an export bracket, digital identities with an e-wallet as "Gamechanger". The corresponding initiative is not from Berlin, but from the EU Commission.

Data strategy – "cold coffee"

The opposition used the discussion to account with the network policy of the coalition. "It hooks everywhere", Defendant the green Tabea robbers. The infrastructure is Desastros, "The foreign countries believes us about the Funkoch app". The black-red failure had to do the schools during the Corona pandemic in front of their screens. Instead of the Data Protection Basic Regulation (DSGVO)"Buy as a brand, defamiate them as an innovation brake".

The data strategy is "cold coffee", Potentials of Open Data remained unused, scolded robbers. With the interconnection location, the government "brilliant" simultaneously, but at the same time and more access rights for security keys. Vulnerabilities were not closed, opportunities for ecological-sociological innovations not used.

Digital Administration – a Running GAG

"A surveillance law after the other was adopted", The State Trojan is now there for all 19 intelligence services, struck the left Anke Domscheit-Berg in the same score. Many of these initiatives are likely to be stranguitous. In addition, the federal government can only say at 45 of the 575 administrative services that this really finished ended an end online. In addition, the Federal Republic "Still a land of funkocher and lame networks".

Black-red "Leave gravel slopes", With broadband, the country is "Still on the slow way", Mannel Hoferlin also judged (FDP). The pandemic has involuntarily contributed to digitization than the state, the digital administration is the Running GAG on family celebrations. Your goal to guarantee the burger rights did the coalition spaded ad battered with the youngest state trojan decleation.

Censorship on the Internet

Only at censorship on the Internet and the digital monitoring of the burgers are the government fractions of CDU / CSU and SPD "Quite roughly" had been, roared Joana Cotar (AFD). Even the Scientific Advisory Council of the Federal Ministry of Economics have found that Germany is back to many other OECD countries when expanding the digital infrastructure and applications.

"If I was monitored by the strike protection, I was afraid of it when the more powers gets", Headed Jens Zimmermann’s rights. In every corner hours excavator and coarse rolls with orange cables. It deals with glass fibers, "which can be installed everywhere in the country". There is not enough construction capacity, "To bring them under the earth". The coalition has indeed "Many thoughts made over rules on the internet" and the fight against hatred and hitting. This thirst does not just continue so on: "We have to stand especially on the side of the victims."

Wear investment

The high-tech strategy of the Federal Government was not well received by the opposition in a follow-up debate. The first PCR test and vaccine against Covid-19 had come from Germany, attempted Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) to score here. In IT security, three German competence centers participated in international top positions. The supposed strategy is only a colored list of various projects without measurable success criteria, scolded Thomas Sattelberger (FDP) against it.

Be with the government’s strategy for artificial intelligence (ki) "agile project management", referred the liberale to another vacuum. So far, there are only 15 percent from the 5 billion obligations associated with this initiative, so that the money here is the same on drip clay as the digital pact school. Meanwhile, Lodere in the economy already the roof truss, "Because a huge expert swur getting". In addition, a "Unilateral alignment on electromobility".

Germany lose with the "In the years high gloss brushes"

The necessary change of conne do not be technologically mastered, gave the left petra custom to consider. Innovations had to be embedded in society and more democratic saying. Germany lose with the "In the years high gloss brushes" On renewal, the green Anna contributed Christmann. Sustainable jump innovations were also waiting for a long time, despite a Dafur now, "be unleashed".

Germany Zehrre as a research and industrialization of the substance, regretted Marc Jongen (AFD). In the educational area, Germany "underexposed", The Plan of the Government for an expansion of the MINT sector (mathematics, computer science, science and technology) is largely summarized. For that flourished "Pseudo sciences" how "Gender studies".

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