Can not sing enrique iglesias?

The file is really cool!

Be or only schooner? The Internet does not always bring the truth, but always oler to the day. Newest victim of even painful revolution is the popular pop bard enrique iglesias, son of old-tailor jetzets Julio and now multiple CD sales millionar.

Enrique Iglesias: cruel result

Also his latest single "The Rhythm Devine" was and is a hit. And there is a cutout out of this musical gem here. Or on the pages of the Berlin station Radio Fritz, under "The file is cool". The latter was recorded, claiming the radio station on his mesh side, during the RTL 2 broadcast "The Dome". Enrique Iglesia’s voice hoard the viewers, like ubrow, from the band, but "Unfortunately, this time the channel of Enriques microphone was open to the mixer. There, the mixers did not trust their ears and recorded everything." And the result is and sounds so cruelly that you should pay attention to that when playing too is the chill shaker. Otherwise, the milk will be sour.

But not only this file is cool, the other sound files also contain truly new. For example, the appearance of the now almost legendars of Berlin home champion cartridge, which has been haunting for some time as an attachment of e-mails through the network – with the always same claim that this dialogue reminiscent of Loriot had been random on the answering machine of a friend on it. This can check that yourself, justifies the WACKER Hauswart clearly names his name and phone number. After that, however, he no longer looks through whether a certain woman Tukka now lives with Mrs. Rauub or vice versa and overhead… And the rest is real’s finest.

Much worse than Ms. Tukka or Mrs. Rauub has probably caught Kim who has to learn live on the radio that your lover Craig has long been married to Cindy for a long time, and who has a dark hill for damages, should definitely be the file "caught.wav" (780KB), which reflects this dear drama in all facets and sustainably reminds the horne, that behind a certainly, unfortunately, too often a hidden is hidden.

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