“But honestly, i mean, conspiracy theories ..

The British government continues to try the memo, after the Bush should have made the proposal to bombing Al-Jasia, to deception and reaches the opposite

In the last week, the British Mirror had pointed to a memo that reproduces a conversation between Tony Blair and George Bush in the sowing house in April 2004. That as "top secret" Called document points to a suggestion of the US prasident. Accordingly, he wanted to discuss with Blair, whether in the context of the first attack on the city Falludscha did not bomb the center of the TV channel Al-Jazira in Qatar bombard. Blair has allegedly highlighted this idea bush from pragmatic, by no means principal grounds and pointed to the catastrophic political consequences of such a bombing of a television station in a friendly land where the headquarters of US troops are located in the region.

The woman house has referred to the reports of the contents of this memo as an abstract. Also the Daily Mirror did not want to prove that the proposal of Bush may not have been serious. However, this does not only contradict that Al-Dschasira repeatedly accused cooperation with terrorists and rebellions and threatened consequences, but that American bombs were destroyed by American bombs in Afghanistan (more detailed: the record holder: Hitler’s dangerous director in a double pack). What the Mirror and other British media indicate is that informants who know the memo thinks that the proposal of Bush was well meant seriously.

The Memo, which in May of the then remaining Labor deputies Tony Clarke by David Keogh, an employee of the British Cabinet, and the Clarkes employee Leo O’Connor, has returned to the government, but seems to contain at least Brisantes. For against Keogh, who had been arrested at short notice in September 2004, and O’Connor has initiated the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith not only 10 days ago a procedure for the violation of the Official Secrets Act, but also threatened to all media with criminal proceedings Memo. Goldsmith rejects amptions, he handle on behalf of the British government and wool only blair and bush. That was hardly allowed to take that. On Tuesday the first hearing takes place. With the now charged background, it will be a trickier process for the British government, in which a lot is on the game.

Blair itself is also under strong prere on the part of the bush government striking anyway, which is not only dominated by the Iraq war, but for example, for the violation of human rights and the related CIA activities ("This secret service does not torture"To). For example, the female house is succumbed, after the opposite of democratic deputies was still claimed shortly before, for a massive deduction of troops in the next year and is doing as if you have never said anything else.

Asked on a press conference on Saturday after the Memo, the British head of government, which was a much readily initiated as Bush’s Poodle, but also to prevent some very muscles of the Bush government to prevent that he did not say anything about such secret things. Then then designated everything as an expression of conspiracy theories:

Look, There’s a Limit to What I Can Say – It’s All Sub Judice. But Honestly, I Mean, Conspiracy Theories ..

It is trying to defend itself together with the Bush government, almost ironic that now the British government, which currently holds the EU Council Prosident, in Washington Depreciation on the CIA flights and any prison camps in Europe in Europe should require.

Presumably, it would be better for the British government, the demand of Peter Kilfoyle, a former Labor Defense Minister, to meet and unopolit the memo. In any case, by secrecy and political twists, the British government should also know that the British government should also know conspiracy theories systematically. So some guesses are already far beyond the proposal of Bush to bombard the Send Center of Al-Dschasira to prevent this further undoubted images and reports on the consequences of the war, which the Pentagon likes to be a clean war with precision weapons saw against the boses.

Against Katherine Dunn, a former employee of the British intelligence service, was charged on the basis of the Official Secrets Act. In the run-up to the coordination of the UN Security Council under massive prere on the Iraq resolution and thus the approval or rejection of Bush and Blair’s war, had a statement of US intelligence NSA to the press Guided (Lausch attack on the delegates of the UN Security Council). It became clear that the members of the UN Security Council were secured by the Americans with the help of British. The process against Dunn was finally but after the facts were set and the war first had the lugs, tricks and power games that have guided to him, supercovered, again. In doing so, not only more secrets from the British intelligence services were revealed, but also the legitimate of war came into the field of view. A process and a conviction certainly had more attention on the incident, so he was quickly forgotten.

However, the situation is another. Bush and Blair are under heavy criticism and have lost power and creditancy, especially as new enthusiasms and memos are known. The building to which the Iraq war was justified and becomes, breaks apart at all corners. In a community published today in Observer, the former Iraqi Minister Prosident, who led the transition government installed by the United Kingdom and the United States, was also the fact that human rights violations in Iraq are becoming worse than at the time of Husseins.

People make the same as to Saddam’s times and worse. That’s an applicable comparison. People are reminded of Saddam’s time. That’s exactly the reason why we’ve got Saddam. And now we see the same again.

The Sunnit Allawi, however, had ruled himself with a hard hand after the CIA and Pentagon-trusted willingly in a surprise coup the power to take over and long time loyal was behind the US policy (surprisingly, the power of power was preferred in Iraq). The first torture burrs appeared in the incorporation with the power of Allawi (continues to pass the ordeal?To).

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