Buhlen around libya

The French Prasident Sarkozy has made the struggle of the Western countries to ensure economic interests in Ourfish Libya

On its gross Africa tour, the new French head of state, Nicolas Sarkozy also visited Libya, which recently only the Bulgarian medicinal team. First and foremost, it was about securing economic interests in France in the North African state ("La Method Sarkozy"To). In addition to a collaboration agreement in the rustic technology, a letter of intent was agreed that Libya should receive civilian core technology from France, such as an atomic reactor built by AREVA NP. Siemens is also involved in the Group. In return, France is to receive Uranium. Criticism of the agreement came from the German government. In fact, this was not allowed to facilitate the negotiations with Iran. The US government, on the other hand, stopped, and finally the US has agreed a similar controversial cooperation with India.

Muammar Ghaddafi, the former terror-prassident Libya, is hoped again. Forgotten are the connection to the Panam Jumbo Uber Lockerbie 1988 and on the French DC-10 on Niger, the victims of the Le-Belle Attentat 2004 in Berlin, as well as the British police officer shot in 1984 in London. Finally, compensation has been paid.

When the flight chapitor asks the landing in Tripoli, Rafael becomes visibly nervous. In the Philippines, the young, married man signed a work contract a few months ago, to earn $ 800 a month. However, he does not know where and what he should work. "On a construction site maybe", he says Lapidar. Finally, he is plumber. His 14 other Philippine colleagues in the machine know that.

Buhlen around Libya

The Philippine guest workers are one of the leaders to around 1.2 million treasures in the state of Muammar Ghaddafi. But the few of them have legal statuses like the young workers from the Philippines. Most come from the countries sadly the Sahara. If there is no work, hope for a boat that brings you to Italy or Malta into Golden Europe.

For many years, these immigrants were tolerated by the Libyanians. However, after Libya paid seclusions for the terrorist attacks of the 1980s, and on top of that, the weapons of weapons of the weapons of the weapons was adopted the situation for the African migrants abruptly. State President Mohammed Ghaddafi now has to be suddenly cooperating in terms of illegal immigration with the EU, which he always refused to always deny (Libya becomes a courted partner of Western States).

According to the Libyan Interior Ministry 2006 64.330 illegal immigrants repatriates in their home standards, which should have cost four million euros to the state. In addition, they arrested 312 human handlers and confiscated 72 boats. In the port city of Swara, near the Tunisian border, from where the boats start to Italy, regular raids are carried out regularly and shown as proof of the government activity on television.

The Government of Ghana officially has the poor treatment of her about 10.000 nationwide in Libya complained. They were repatriated under inhumane conditions. You have been losing your passe and locking yourself without legal proceedings. In the future one liked that human rights are respected. But on that, Libya to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch is laid little value. There is still trap of torture, the press freedom is imprisoned, criticism of the regime is prohibited, whoever does it, risk high prison sentences. The European countries and the US seem to be a little.

Libya lures with money and ol

When Tony Blair visited the first Western Stateman after the end of the Libya Boykott Prasident Ghaddafi in Marz 2004, the then British Premier ared what important for the fight against terror. Part of the meeting was the signing of a 550 million pounds serious agreements between Shell and the Libyan government.

For the EU and the USA, that is an ideal case in any way orphaned Libya. Ol production is expected to be buried from 1.6 million barrels per day to 3 million in 2012. At the same time, the olreserves, the eight degrees of the world, are to be developed. Chevron Texaco and Mathon / Conoco Phillips have already secured their raids in 2005. The China National Oil also has successfully searched for gas on a flat of 40.000 square kilometer offshore advertised.

The old-fashioned Libyan banking system is to be brought to international standard with the help of abroad. 5 billion dollars are necessary to improve the country’s infrastructure. Currently visit about 130.000 tourists aged the North African state, which compared to 6.000.000 in Morocco and Tunisia is negligible. In 2015, at least 1 should.000.000 in Libya, the one 1.100 kilometers long custo with completely untapped beaches has. To do this, a whole series of Romische ruins, which are well preserved, as in Italy.

The best Libyan trading partners paid 2005 Italy, followed by Germany, Tunisia, Great Britain, Turkey and France. The EU has already challenged that there are opportunities for trade optimization. Special economic agreements that can sometime in free trading mounds, as in the case of Morocco. Only for this purpose, Libya must fulfill certain condition, which are human rights and democratic reforms. Something that can take a long time in Libya.

For Rafael and his work colleagues of the Philippines does not matter. They are neither about human rights nor democratic conditions. You just want to see your reward every month, the accommodation must be okay and the work is not necessarily too bad. From Saudi Arabia you have only bad guards, so you have signed for Libya. Since they have legal papers, they can not like the 35.000 Egyptian guest workers walking back home. Currently, Rafael and his colleagues are the most care that there is no alcohol in the Reich Muammar Ghaddafis. On time before landing, everyone has quickly ordered a schnapps at the stewardess.

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