Brother of pablo escobar wants to collect with cryptay food for trump officer

Brother of Pablo Escobar wants to collect with cryptay food for Trump Officer

Roberto Escobar. Photo: Reubenzadeh. License: CC BY-SA 4.0

The US Prassident was welcome about the news that the former accountant of the Medellin cartel is dissatisfied with him

Roberto Escobar Alias "El Osito" is the brother of the among other things through the Netflix series Narcos Even today well-known Colombian cocaine barons Pablo Escobar. Now the 72-year-old wants to bring a new stable coin crypto for the market, the Escabar tokens to heave and stream the US prasident Donald Trump.

For this purpose, the ex-accountant of the Medellin cartel wants about his 2014 founded company Escobar Inc. Collect $ 50 million from Trump opponents to finance an official treatment procedure. Specifically, he promises to pay by law, lobbyists and detectives.

10 million dollars in ten hours?

Some observers reminds the call a little at business models, with whom incurable sick money is knocked down. Nevertheless, ten million were allegedly in ten hours, which one wants to prove with a screenshot of the crowdfunding website Gofundme.

But the project can no longer find what Olof Gustafsson, the CEO of Escobar Inc., welcomed with an alleged intervention of US state authorization. Gofundme himself speaks of checking. Now Will Escobar Inc. The money on your own website Impeachstrumpfund Collecting.

Diet Bitcoin

In the past, Escobar Inc had. Another crypto food propagates the Diet Bitcoin. People should buy and use people because the original Bitcoins Roberto Escobar’s claims were invented by the CIA, which she eventually became worthless. With Escobar’s Bitcoin-Fork, that happened last year.

Now the company is promoting that its new Escobar stable coin is rusty than the Stablacoin Marktfuhrer USDT of the company Tether, which has just made with market manipulation. Who does not convince that, for the Escobar-Inc Coo Daniel Reitberg on Roberto Escobars "Business sense", he "In the course of his career" allegedly "Hundreds of millions of dollars make love".

Where is that missed by El Chapo?

Although it is not possible to extinguish people who believe that the belief from the purchase of Escobars to contribute to an official penalty of Donald Trump, the envision of the US prasident himself was allowed to have a highly welcome: that the brother and accountant of the formerly world’s most important drug barons of the world’s most important drug barons aims for an indirect confirmation of his amptions that the borders of the US must be better secured. The symbol DAFUR is to become his wall promised in the election campaign at the border with Mexico, whose financing is currently blocking the Democrats in Congress.

The Texan Senator Ted Cruz recalls again at his already last year El Chapo Act. He envisages that the Mexican Drug Bar of Joaquin Guzman Alias El Chapo, who is currently in court in Brooklyn, is used to finance this border wall (cf. Ted Cruz wants to finance the wall on the border with Mexico with drug money). Although numerous media seized this with a very attractively designed video illustrated memory yesterday, it seems to be a very sophisticated alternative to a financing from the regular household at a closer consideration

The 14 billion dollars El Chapo-wounds which are based on, are only a treasure from an indictment based on turnover estimates. 2009 had the business magazine Forbes the then boss of the Sinaloa cartel is not estimated to 14, but only to a billion dollars. Four years after it took him out of the list of richest manners, because it came to the result that such treasures in the drug business are too inaccurate.

In addition, it is largely unclear how much of El Chapos missed practically make sure. In extreme cases, that could not be anything if the company associated with the Sinaloa cartel can not be used accordingly. Part of the wealth of children, El Chapo’s children seem to be available: On Instagram they opened their wealth with pictures of expensive cars and exotic animals pretty open.

The fact that in the cartel capital Culiacan continues to be a lot of shops for luxury goods, but it was also allowed to go along with the fact that the business of the Sinaloa cartel continued after the delivery of El Chapo to the United States, such as the former Homeland Security Consultant Michael Balboni Fox Business betrayed.

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