British teacher honors with the prohibition of the body punishment

The children were always undisciplined, one with beating comparable sanction does not give it

In the Great Britain, there has been a fear of disrespectful and wild youth, which were still committed by the riots in the summer of last year again. In order to contribute to the young people respect and obedience, the ASBOs (antisocial behavioral arrangements) were developed and expanded, with which alleged misconduct of children and adolescents is ahden. However, they have not proved to be effective.

It has always been discussed again, what penalties should be used in the schools of opposed renitent schoolers and thirst. The prohibition of the most compatible breeding, which came into force in the Great Britain in 1987, was always on the debate. In 2007, new guidelines were ied, according to which teachers "Mabful violence" Apply if the behavior of the Schuler is a danger for her or others.

The government coalition from Conservatives and Liberal Democrats wanted to largely abolish the ASBOs, but the ruests and the reputation of order, security and hard penalties came between. Shortly before the riots, new guidelines for improving the discipline were adopted in the summer of 2011, in which it broke it "not always avoiding that schooler will be injured", Even if this had to be sought. It was not the reintroduction of beating, but about the possibility of applying body compulsion, for example by holding ("It is not always to avoid that schools are injured".

At the annual assembly of the British Teacher Association (ATL), the call for sharp macers was again loud. One-third of the British teachers had been able to be exposed to physical attacks by Schuler last year, even if bad behavior usually through "Low Level Disruption" Like chattering, inattention, playing with the mobile phone, lack of respect etc. be caused.

Children are today "Tourned little Buddhas" the General Secretarin Mary Bousted has become. The parents were no longer bound to them and doubt them from the front to the back. The children were therefore expected to serve the teachers.

Since the abolition of the body penalty 25 years ago, the behavior of the children had deteriorated drastically. The governments have been unable to introduce new effective measures to provide for discipline. If you lock the schools, so that this does not depart, while only children from the school exclude only in the worst cases, as the school was examined for more frequent exclusions. "The present disciplining agent for dealing with storing behavior are completely inappropriate", a teacher complained at the conference.

Still, the demand for re-importance of corpermal punishment remains a taboo, but it will nevertheless be the only means of "Deterrence for storing behavior" praised when it is said that so far no single sanction agent has been introduced with the efficiency of corporate penalty. Regularly likely, the topic of the body punishment as an educational mapping of the parents also leads to coarse discussions, how to watch the in the forum for this Telepolis article: "So-hab-I-that-not-meant"-Strike).

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