“Boring, dirty, dangerous”

Nothing more "Blood on your hands": Dafur has Rheinmetall now "Mission Master". Photo: Angela Blattner / Rheinmetall Defense / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Rheinmetall does not want to be dependent on the car: The Group ransol to modern war weapons, the soldiers remove unpleasant tasks

The root and car supply company Rheinmetall wants to lower its dependence on the motorized individual traffic in the Corona crisis. For this, he relies all the more on armed conflicts, the political will for reunification and coarse export guidelines. As part of the "strategic realignment", which the Group announced on Friday should be ruined by rust or "Safety technology" In 2025, contribute around 70 percent to its total sales. In 2020 it was about 63 percent.

Rheinmetall trifles, among other things, as "world-famous manufacturer of modern unmanned vehicles": With such a "Mission Master" could "The soldiers of artificial intelligence and ‘robotics muscles’ for the unloved 3D session (dull, dirty, dangerous – boring, dirty, dangerous) apply", The press department of the Group swarmed in November.

With a demonstrator of Rheinmetall and MBDA on the frigate "Saxony" Will the Bundeswehr test in 2022 laser weapons on the high seas. But also "old-minded" War weapons brings the Group into circulation. Leopard 2 tanks from Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, as they used the Turkish Army 2018 in the North Syrian region of Afrin, had been equipped by Rheinmetall with 120-millimeter smooth tube cannons.

In the course of its growth expectations, the Group also has its "medium-term financial targets" Updated: Rheinmetall information should increase sales of around 5.8 billion euros in 2020 to around 8.5 billion in 2025.

Well networked with politics and militar

Anyway, the order bookers are full – and Federal Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) is based on the stuff that this remains so for the rust industry. There is also a closer to "National industrial policy" And in the crisis to protective workplaces, she said about a month ago German Press Agency.

The Research Institute Code at the Bundeswehr University Munchen also has a Rheinmetall with an innovation prize in the Cyber Security area. On the prize money in the high of 15.Although 000 euros were hardly instructed, but the more about the good contacts and the possibility, "Further sponsors with the experts of the Bundeswehr to drove".

So it is feasible for Rheinmetall that the origin for this month planned 57. Munchner Security Conference due to the pandemic had to be postponed to an unknown time. Rheinmetall is one of the main sponsors of the all-year-old conference in the Munchner Luxury Hotel Bayerischer Hof, which not only moved under peace "War driver meeting" It is also vibrated, but also considered a business station meeting, in which rust lobbyists with leading phones from all over the world. For the conference leader and former lace diplomats Wolfgang Isschinger, in any case, it did not question the conference digital to take place.

Corona protects against storea

Rheinmetall, on the other hand, was pleased to have the opportunity to digitally take place digitally his next general meeting in May, as it is possible to legally until the end of 2021. From the last Annual General Meeting in May 2020, the Group had even excluded journalists. A spokesman called this back then "Special case" and charged it with the special security challenges and the relatively short-term change from the Prasenz to the online event.

In May 2019, the Rheinmetall Annual General Meeting in the Berlin Maritim Hotel had given a protest on the bean after critical briefings have already encouraged discussions in the queues. For a few minutes, around 30 people had occupied the bean and slogans like "Rheinmetall to scrap metal" and "Blood, blood, blood on your hands" called until they had been worn by the police from the hall. The like remains the Rheinmetall Executive Board under Armin Papperger and the less critical commandaries by the Corona pandemic and corresponding subsequent actions.

In the course of the campaign "Rheinmetall disarm" Throw the Group several organizations to measure war crimes and for that "Loophole" to use, which lit him politics. Thus, the Italian Rheinmetall subsidiary RWM Italia bombs had delivered to Saudi Arabia, as for purely German products already an export stop gave there, because the Konigreich War moved against the Yemen. When the company is increasingly under prere after a criminal complaint of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCH), deliveries were discontinued in July 2019.

For the procedure of the NATO partner Turkey, who in the so-called "Operation Olive branch" In Afrin German Tanks, the scientific services of the Bundestag did not recognize a market legitimacy in an opinion of 2018. "A convincing proof of this that the general threat situation on the Syrian-Turkic border has compromised into a concrete self-defense situation, Turkey did not start", it’s in it. But the German defense minister was difficult for workplaces in rusting companies, but does not even remember to collect cooperation with Turkey because of such Lappalia, but she signed last week as "important partner".

Against this background is the "Strategic realignment" From Rheinmetall no good news for people who are worried about the future of the planet – even if the climate-damaging civil engine is obviously losing importance.

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