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The system of pharmaceutical studies is increasingly under fire

The pharmaceutical industry gets their products coarse patented and can – especially in Germany – demand fantasy prices for that. This is justified by the fact that the development effort for medications high. And the Lowenant part of this development effort, according to the Pharmalobby, were the most expensive and expensive studies. However, the youngest results on the quality of such studies make the question becomes louder, but whether it is really meaningful to make this research impregnated by independent institutes – which did not have the taxpayer and health insurance, which did not co-fund the monopoly yields in such a system , probably also significantly cheaper Kame.

Meanwhile, more and more physicians seem to discover that a critical look in existing examinations may be more interesting than the transaction of ever new test series with partly more than trivial ies. Among other things, the light came, that from the studies to antidepressants quite very much only with (for pharmaceutical companies) "positive" Result were published.

But studies on other drugs can only be trusted very conditionally if they were financed in whole or in part of medicine companies: the authors of a study on the painkiller Vioxx appeared eight years ago, for example, three heart attacks did not seem to give them the New England Journal of Medicine According to known. The Pharmaconzern Merck was able to sell his drug even after the appearance of the so directed study for several years before it was taken from the market. According to the calculations of an employee of US Health Health Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the painkiller was able to reach up to 140 during this period.000 people have caused heart attacks.

Matched studies

In addition to relatively pumping procedures, there are numerous, subtle possibilities, the side effects not in the reality, but however to reduce on paper. For example, the application period, the dose and patients can be selected so that the results are positive, but only very conditional for coarse population groups.

Another possibility is to interpret negative data positively. As such a thing goes, for example, the company Schering, who found in an assessment of the safety of hormonePraparates, that it too "No lowering of cardiovascular diseases" but it was struggling that the praparates actually increased the risk.

If the results are so clear that investigations can not be interpreted, the lack of statutory obligation to report pharmaceuticals the possibility of simply accessing the studies with unpleasant content as this is how to practice Bayer practiced. The Group, according to Dennis Mangano, considered the FDA research experience to be accessed by the market-made Harmittel’s Trasylol, which, according to the assessment of the physician, it was possible for more than twenty thousand people to life. William Hacht, Chairman of the FDA Consultant Board Expublished opposite CBS that he had evidenced himself with knowledge of the results of a study paid by the Group against Trasylol. Bayer put more than 150 million euros with the drug per year.

In January, the two-year-old findings of a study on cholesterol core of pharmaceutical companies Merck and Schering-Plough had become known. Ezetimib, according to one of the results of the investigation, lowered the progression of arteriosclerosis in the application area, together with Simvastatin, which did not increase the progression of the arteriosclerosis in the carovia of the patients, but increased the infirmary risk. The chief port of the State of New York then initiated an investigation. He daily the companies to have deliberately procraimed the publication of the data. In the United States alone, the combination of Ezeimib and Simvastatin said the Wall Street Journal sales of 5 billion dollars.

Application studies

In order for particularly positive studies better and neutral appearance, pharmaceutical companies have made a system that makes it possible to use the ever stronger publication prere on universities: physicians get their studies more or less done by pharmaceutical companies. These must then have little more than just their name underneath.

But not only professors and researching clinical physicians, the companies have: in Munchen have been a good four years criminal proceedings against about 3.400 doctors, which are suspected (or stood), has been bristol-Myers Squibb, Fujisawa, Serviere and Amgen on a little bit more subtle way of pharmaceutical companies. In the procedures, among other things, came to the light that doctors at "Continuing education events" not only with a rich leisure offer, but also with expensive golfers and notebooks were brought into a possible recording mood. Another variant were present, for which the doctors not only between 1.000 and 3.000 Euro collected, but also associated with a fourteen-day holiday program for the doctor and his accompaniment.

As part of these procedures, it was also criticized that doctors are tempted by high sums to convert patients to other medicines. As a justification for payments serves that the doctor is the effect of the drugs in one "Application observation" hold on. As part of the Munchner procedures, the investigators discovered that such application observations were stored in pharmaceutical companies only and had never been evaluated. A strong indication for this that it was only a preamble to demand the paragraph of its own medicines by means of payments to doctors.

Because a corporate penalization is missing in Germany, only the small employees were brought to court on the part of companies. So it is not surprised that the Munchner criminal proceedings could possibly sometimes found the found practices only conditionally: only permanently became known that the PharmaFirma Novartis Arzte invited with companions to headcare and barbecue to apply the blood prere sensor Exforge. The Brandenburg City Chamber had this weekend in the Waldhotel Oak as "Training event" approved.

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