Bishop wants “historical evidence” to check for the holocaust

The German Pope has prepared the right holocaust deniers a bean

Officially it is called from the Vatican that Pope Benedict did not know the Holocaust denial of Bishop Williamson, as the excommunication of the fundamentalist Pius brotherhood picked up. This seems little credible, and the slope of the German Pope to the right and conservative side is so far unassibble ("Ultra Montes"To).

Was explained after the scandal has become known that Williamson was first "Unpassive and publicly distant from his opinions to Shoah" MUSSE before he "canonical office" Exhaust thirst (females for the Pius brother?To). Strangely, however, Benedikt threatens to the ruckname of his decision for Williamson and the Brotherhood and did not notice any deadline for the expected explanation. So one still plays with the media forgetting or means in this way to obtain the anachronistic position of the infallibility instead of this ballast from the end of the 19. Century to be brought up on board.

Williamson has probably recognized the favor of the medial attention and draws the Zugern’s Benedict’s cogers in the game. As he communicated to the mirror, he does not draw his exercises not back. First, he must take the historical evidence for the Holocaust. That will take time, he said. And as long as the Vatican preserves them, he creates Williamson the bean to disseminate the Holocaust denial, which will strengthen other rights and anti-Semites. If Benedikt had decidedly traded, this spook was probably over quickly again.

And even if the Brotherhood of Williamson’s exercises has distanced itself, she should not quickly remain her unholy bishop, as she has just done with the Italian priest Floriano Abrahamowic, who also denied millions of murder of the Jews. Radio Vatican reports, the Brotherhood continues to be on confrontation course. So one of the papst-parded bishof, the Swiss Bernard Fellay, for the end of June new priests.

And the German district customers of the German Priest Brotherhood, Franz Schmidberger, is now as if he had not known that the term of Mohammed as a children’s head in a conversation with the SWR, Muslims in her "Religious" insulting. He takes the regret back and pools against the media: in a comment of 5.2. It is called:

"Although we have distanced ourselves to the Holocaust in the last few days with all the clearness of the statements of Bishop Williamson, we continue to be aim of Bosy attacks from the pages of the mass media. Our words are twisted and consciously misused. Therefore, we are no longer available to comment until further notice. We serve our Lord Jesus Christ, the meaty truth, not the father of the lug."

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