Munchen, 6. November 2013 – Ford’s Hochdachkombi has been called since 2002 Tourneo Connect and now gets a successor. The class of enlarged combi offers plenty of room for comparatively little money and a handy driving as a classic minibus. This makes you popular: From the VW Caddy, in this country between January and September 2013 were good 21.000 stucco sold, without commercial vehicle variants, mind you. Ford’s hope you can imagine.

Small transitology

For the classification of confusing and at the same time hard to remember in Ford’s commercial vehicle division, we want to forward this small transitology: "transit" Hand the commercial vehicle versions, "Tour" The car similar variants. There is you as an intolered Fiesta named "Courier", about "Connect" on Ford’s global C platform and then as a minibus "Custom". At the top, there is still the transit without a nickname, a pure commercial vehicle with up to 15 cubic meters of charging volume.

As conventional as a long version

In addition to the significantly flotter design of the Connect with Van Front and a side line reminiscent of the larger custom, the VW Caddy’s Bieder acts (which is not a plot of art), the subsignions of both vehicles are almost the same. The basis of the Tourneo Connect is the platform of the Ford C-Max, with a long of 4.42 meters and a wheelbase of 2.66 meters, the Connect is only a few centimeters long. Analogous to the C-Max, a "Grand"-Variant offered, a long of 4.82 meters and 3.06 meters wheelbase then measure a third row of seats in the stern.

Always series mab are sliding on each side. Show various loops on the seats: they can be folded and taken out. If only the leaning of the second row is transferred, from the bank, a substantial level in the ratio is created for low loading floors. To avoid this, the Ruckbank can be worked out and removed in whole or in part behind the front seats and expanded. In the seven-seated variant results from sinking the third row and turning the leaning of row two a flat flat flat. 322 to 2620 liters fit in the seven-seater, 1029 to 2410 liters at a short funfeaster. For comparison: The funfaden normal version of the VW Caddy with two seats swallows between 918 and 3200 liters.

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