Bill gates: 5 years ago, there had not been a corona vaccine so fast

Bill Gates: 5 years ago, there had not been a corona vaccine so fast

If the Coronavirus pandemic broke out for five years ago, the world had not had a vaccine in such a short time. Microsoft billionar and vaccination activist Bill Gates is in an interview with the Suddeutsche Zeitung the end. Contributed to the invention of mRNA vaccines and the "big work" of biontech, pfizer and moderna. There are even more gentle, easier to manufacture and spreading vaccines of Astra Zeneca, Johnson Johnson and Novavax.

In the production of vaccines also help money from his foundation, said Gates in the SZ interview. This has been put into gross vaccine factories in India to create capacity for development standards. With $ 1.5 billion from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, factories are kept on stand-by until the ASTRA’s vaccines, Johnson Johnson and Novavax can go into production, gates gates.

"A nationalist look does not help"

The British-Swedish group Astra Zeneca apparently does not comply with its delivery promises to the EU. The EU has ordered around 400 million vaccases in the summer of 2020, for 336 million euros deposit should be delivered in the first quarter of this year 80 million vaccine doses. Now it will probably be 31 million. Gates stressed, Astra Zeneca traded without a profit view and Konne the problems in the supply chain clearly explain. A nationalist gaze does not help here.

The most important thing is that the vaccines come quickly to the people, says Gates, because the transparency is not the most important for the tolerance with manufacturers such as with Astra Zeneca. The proportion of vaccinated muse to up to 80 percent increase to prevent a rough Corona wave in autumn 2021. However, people were rejected a vaccine if he does not correspond to the high temporary prevention. In Russia, for example, the demand for its own vaccine is not very high.

"The end from the beginning"

The topic of patents or intellectual property love discusses, means gates, but thus no high amount of vaccine was produced. The coarsely impffetted industries have no licenses have been demanded anyway.

Consistency myths around vaccinations and his foundation are not only familiar with Gates since the Coronavirus Pandemic. He leads the example of the polio evaporation in Pakistan or Nigeria, where it was given clear, the vaccine was not sure or was making women infertile. Therefore, publicly persons of the company or religious fuhrers have been consulted so they clause the people.

In her annual letter, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation quotes the Fruher British Prime Minister Winston Churchill: "That’s not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it may be the end of the beginning." This pandemic is bad, said Gates now the SZ, but a pleasurable Konnne but ten times worse. The world is not prepared. No country had made the current answer to Covid-19 alone, the muse has a teaching for the future for global problems. "Climate change is guaranteed to be so bad ten times", said Gates, who is already vaccinated.

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