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Alone the idea of taxation of private internet usage in the workplace can only be understood as bad joke

It was probably not believed in it, if you got it paid, but unfortunately it seems to apply according to an article in the Stuttgart newspaper that the Ministry of Finance sets out in a decree or in the design of a decree – such as an internet connection at work tax To be classified that you can tax it. No, there is not a matter of course to coordinate the political actions, but thereby preventing one hand, which was likely to make the other, at least as proclaimed: Germany quickly into the information or knowledge society, for which the broad commitment of the Internet was obvious. At the Land level, national level and in the EU, there are initiatives and projects sovereignly, in order to be possible for the E for Electronic everywhere and attract all / all to the grid, but in the Ministry of Finance, only, supposedly brought by the operating programs of the state finances, that the taxation of Internet access could open the public households even unexturbed money sources.

The Internet is used by employees, so the realization, not only for professional purposes, but also to private – and that is as "pecuniary advantage" to see how it is so already, and what will apply too, even if companies want to give or even want to give their employees PCs and Internet access for a symbolic amount. There is the tax office before. If the employees have something of them as private individuals, then that should be taxed, which is why such donations have probably failed (tax law brakes construction of the information society.

The focus of the report is under the title "@uffruch into the internet economy" An analysis of what the internet economy is and what it causes. The focus is therefore because the internet industry is a central theme of our work in the 2. Half of this legislature will be. We carry out the outstanding importance of digital economy for the present and art structural change.

Federal Minister of Economics Werner Muller

Under the Red Minister of Finance, one tries to punish the employee, for the di free or declared shared use of Internet access as part of the wages. We did not know that yet that we have received a wage level with an internet connection. The unions and employers will also be surprised by this knowledge. You can also ask yourself if one of them is such dewurfe of a decree, of which one can know that they are in the moody mood and expectation of a "Jolt" will not stay unnoticed, did not worry about something before, if you do not want to play good material to the opposition. This is also eager to pick up, especially since they have been defeated today in the Bundesrat with their blockade policy towards the tax reform. So then the blockers of one side can criticize that of the other side alternately. Particularly notended is neither one nor the other.

In addition, the Federal Government adopted her action program in 1999: "Innovation and workplaces in the information society of the 21. Century". The action program is an ugregular concept for the accelerated use and dissemination of the new information and communication media on the threshold to 21. century. In this program, the activities of the Federal Government are boundulated for the departure in the information age with the central goal of sustainably gaining new employment opportunities in the digital age.

Communication of the Federal Government of 19.5.2000

At least this idea of taxation of private internet usage will be quite unique during working hours. In any case, the Minister of Finance can be leveraged to be creative and innovative his ministry. While man loses somewhere else, the spread of the Internet and above all its use not at least temporarily, if not in principle due to additional taxes, the proposal of Eichels employees will hit two flies with one stone: the companies are already considered the expected Effort to capture the monetary advantage by specifying all page recalls and to control the information, also to control the use of the Internet if necessary or install appropriate filters, because then "Because of the special circumstances" a private surfing and therefore a monetary advantage is no longer acceptable. So you call for the monitoring or at least a restriction of internet usage by above-prescribed filters, which also requires the Good State Burger, not to come on bad disposals.

The design of the information age is one of the gross challenges for future economic and social development in Germany. We want the information and communication techniques to be used stronger than previously. Because we know: the competence in the application of information and communication techniques decides in a strong mabe about the future economic rank of Germany in the world. Our claim is that our country also occupies a top spot in the information age in international competition. I am sure that this will succeed.

Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroder in his speech to open the CeBIT 2000

At least that could look forward to the employers who may have might have had to worry about their employees on the internet or pursuing private businesses rather than working. The definiteness could be difficult to determine which websites of private or professional use are assigned. Since the laws were already happy about a new field of work. And also nonburnokratic attituded employees will have to be able to devote themselves to a well-not insignificant part of their working time to make forms to the completion of forms to provide where and how long they have called a website.

But even then when the workers "only" a lump sum for private internet uses must be necessary or the employers simultaneously install the same safety, so as to avoid the problem automatically, the idea of totally negligible tax revenues remains a total monitoring of internet usage to take into account. Finally, the obligation to evaluate the employee, an accurate protocol of his Internet use, had to be somehow the employer and probably also be prompted by the tax office.

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