“Besides al-assad, erdogan is the main cause of the dirty war in syria”

Angela Merkel is no longer a long time to silence human rights violations

The next weekend will arrive the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Turkey. Officially, Mrs. Merkel rejoices the Turkish government, in particular the state-president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, ask to implement the EU Turkey Deal.

After completing this deal, Turkey had to provide Dafur that no more escape about the Turkey to Greece or. come in EU-Lander. As one of the most important consideration and keynities on the part of the Turkey, the cancellation of the visa requirement for about 80 million State Burgers of Turkey. This was a significant step on the long path of Turkey to the EU. Since the visa liability for Turkish State Burger but a far-reaching constituency goods, Brussel demands from the government in Ankara the implementation of 72 conditions.

According to the EU Commission, only 19 of these 72 conditions have been fulfilled by the government in Ankara at the end of April 2016. In particular, Mr Erdogan exercise one of the conditions for the EU’s demand for the EU requirement: "Dedication of Turkish anti-terror".

This law floats like a Damocleeschwert over the pot of journalists, Kurds and all the people who demand a democratic state system in the Turkey and use for more freedom of expression, minority rights and freedom of belief. Erdogan looks at all these persons as "Store" On its way to the final cementation of its sole rule. That’s why Erdogan loudly any changes to this "Anti-terror law" refusing. "We go our way, you go yours", Turkish prasident told the address of the EU before his appendages on 6. May 2016 in Istanbul. He adds: "No visibility for our burger no escape lady with you."

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel with her "European solution" Failed for the escape crisis, if Erdogan does not imply the EU Turkey Deal? Ms. Merkel seems to think that this deal must be implemented absolutely if you have the "Limit immigration". Therefore, she flies back into Turkey and is not all alone with this opinion. In Germany, in Europe, but also in the US, there are many politicians who have always been to the circumstances in Turkey when it comes to implementing their own "National interests" or the enforcement of geopolitical interests went.

That the Turkish government throws journalists or intellectuals into the prison because they criticize the policy of Erdogan and demand a non-violent solution of the Kurdish question inside and outside Turkey, she is very interested in. You prefer to swallow the persecution of historians in Turkey, the righteousness for Armenians, Assyrian / Aramera / Chaldaer, Greeks, Alevis, Yezides, victims of the genocides and the mass of the Ottoman Empire or in the Republic of Turkey.

In Amuda (Al-Hasaka) live only about ten Christians. Image: k. Sido

The Turkish militar shot nusaybin day and night

During a trip to Northern Syria from 12.03. – 03.04.In 2016, I visited for three weeks on difficult and dangerous because of many places in the crisis area between Euphrat and Tigris. Among other things, I traveled to the city of Kobani, Qamishli, Amuda, Tall Abyad and Al Hasakeh. There I had the possibility to meet representatives of almost all parties, organizations and associations active in Northern Syria and to drove with some interviews. For example, many of my speech partners of the policy of Turkish President Erdogan gave blame for the resulting escape breeding crisis in Syria. "Beside Bashar Al Assad is Erdogan the main cause of the dirty war in Syria", I told me a Christin in the northeast Syrian Al Hasakeh.

Elizabeth Koriyeh, Christian Assyro Aramese and Member of the Fore "Suryoye Unity Party (Syria) and the author Kamal Sido. Image: k. Sido

I have noticed with his own eyes and ears, as Mr. Erdogan lit after the same tactics of his former friend Bashar Al Assad bombing peaceful city. I have seen this in Qamishli, which I visited several times, close up. On the Turkish side of the border in the north of Qamishli lies the Turkish-Kurdish city of Nusaybin. On the days I stayed in Qamishli, I could hardly sleep as I hoard the thunder of artillery or missile liners several times in the minute. The Turkish militar shot nusaybin day and night. Again and again, grenades also hit Qamishli, on the Syrian side,. According to statements of the Kurkish journalists approached in Qamishi, the Turkish Army in Nusaybin has been massively against civil society for months.

Many people, Kurds and Christians, in Northern Syria, firmly believe that the Turkish government is financially, politically and diplomatically supported the Radicalislamists. Ankara grab for the Islamist armed groups such as Z.B. The Al Tawhid Brigades, Ahrar Al Sham, Syrian Islamic Front (SIF) Open Party. Most Jihadists came across Turkey (NATO member) to Syria. "It was noted for Spat that these Islamists are also a danger for Europe. Who supplies a rabid dog, is bitten by him sometime himself", such a Christian I met during my journey.

"If the Turkish government really wants to help the Syrian escape, she is supposed to support Bittschon to threaten the relatively secure area in Northern Syria. Ankara must be stopped to attack this stable and peaceful region", I told me a escape from the village of her’s, North Aleppo, with which I am on 21. Marz spoken in Kobani.

In a conversation with Elizabeth Koriyeh, Christian Assyro Aramera and a member of the company "Suryoye Unity Party, on 30.03.In 2016 in Qamischli, I became clear again, which people in Syria, in Iraq also demand in Turkey. They want the escape causes to be clamped there. They expect Germany, Europe and America to support them because they want to maintain and build multiethnic and religious societies. They want to demand all minorities independently of their religion, ethnicity and language and expect from us in Europe support.

This project, which we started here in Northern Syria, could also be implemented throughout Syria, so that different religions, ethnicities and denominations can live peacefully, free and equal to each other. In the administration, all minorities living here are represented today. The right to native language, freedom of belief and freedom of expression is guaranteed here. All these rights are mentioned in the social contract. Three languages were explained to official languages of the region: Arab, Kurdish, Aramaisch.

Elizabeth Koriyeh about the location in North Ashria

Elizabeth Koriyeh (left). Image: k. Sido

Our politicians, including Mrs. Merkel, should not only speak with the NATO partner Turkey, but also with people like Elizabeth Koriyeh who are directly affected by people like Elizabeth Koriyeh who are directly affected by people like Elizabeth Koriyeh. Because they knew how to "the influx of escape strings to Germany" can limit. Elizabeth Koriyeh and many others get these escape causes already very active on site. Not all Kurds, Christians and Yezides want to come to us to Germany and Europe to live in the over-compatible asylum shelters.

The crashing of the HDP planned by Erdogan was escalated the situation in Turkey

Also about an end to violence within the Turkey could and should speak Mrs. Merkel with Erdogan. The German Chancellor was supposed to demonstrate Erdogan in any case that a breaking of the procurias "Democratic party of the Volker" (HDP) Any contact between the Kurdish Freedom Movement in Turkish-Kurdistan and the Turkish state interrupts. "If the deputy of the HDP are agreed on parliamentary immunitat, the situation in Turkey will even escalate even more", warns the chairman of the HDP, selahattin demirtas. Of a total of 59 HDP deputies, Erdogan 50 wants to run out of Parliament. The Kurds Demirtas and 49 other HDP deputies are accused of supporting the Kurdish PKK.

In reality, the HDP calls for both the PKK and the Turkish government to immediately end violence and starting a political dialogue to loose the Kurdish question peacefully. The HDP played a broker role between the PKK and the government in Ankara.

Since the new beginning of the fight between the Turkish militar and the PKK in the summer of 2016, at least 450 soldiers, police and government loyalty Milizionreis have been killed. In the Kurdish area died in battles by HDP data since the summer of 2016 nearly 750 civilians. The number of Tototen PKK campers is scated from the Turkish government for this period to around 4050.

Kamal Sido is Nahosreferent of the company for threatened Volker (GFBV).

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