Bernie sanders had foreseen trump’s coup strategy

Bernie Sanders had foreseen Trump's coup strategy

After all, his prognosis voted: US Senator Bernie Sanders. (Source: BerneInder.COM)

But nobody belonged to him. Now in Germany, cat mood arises

In the US, in the Nahlendnacht, what many have surpassed and just as many did not want to perceive: Despite other optional payout results, an official owner Donald Trump has explained to the election winner at three o’clock in the morning (TRUMUP: "Honestly, we won the choice"To). At this time, the Republicans lay at 48.5 percent, his challenger Joe Biden from the Democratic Party at 49.7 percent. However, the race fell almost scarce than predicted by survey companies. And some of the "Battleground States", In which Trump has better chances, were not paid yet.

He won the choice, so Trump in the early morning hours. US media forecast at this time yet no winner. Legally, the victorious clarification of the district owner has no weight. However, Trump creates facts that will only be difficult to oppose later. He was definitely concrete: he will try to stop the payout of open postal votes judicially.

Now it is not that this development comes out of the blue (election spectacle). "In my opinion, every voice should be paid", Also, the Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders said in the Late-Night Show of the US comic and moderator Jimmy Fallon. In US states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, numerous postal voting votes for the Democrats are expected, the payment of which. From unexpected grounds it is just that Democrats tend to be rather on postal vote, while republicans give their voice in the polling stations. "My paved is now that Trump is at the election evening in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin at the front, then appears in front of the television cameras and says: ‘Thank you, Americans who have repeated me again, the thing has ran, Sava Day still’."

Trump explains the winner and wants to stop payout

Parallel to his self-proclement to the election winner Trump attacked the democrats. At 2 o’clock.At 9 pm, he entered the east hall of the woman’s house and claimed without evidence that the election victory "From a very sad group of people" be stolen should be stolen.

"This is a scam at the American society", he said in front of a group of attachments. His short speech is of "a juvenile and unfounded series of allegations about the democratic process" Marked, says New York Times Correspondin Annie Karnie, the Trump further cited: "This is a shame for our country. We prepared to win this choice. Unlike, we won the choice."

The Prasident said he wanted to stop the payment of the votes and put the outcome of the choice in the hands of the Supreme Court. "We want all the votes to be stopped", he said.

In Germany, in the light of the development already mood. The US election will "Trim", wrote the online magazine of the mirror; The dayview reported by one "Head to head race".

SPD politician Niels Annuns confessed at the early morning in the interview with Germany radio, electoral researchers and observers had probably underestimated the mobilization ability of Trump. In view of such word messages, one could not resist the impression of a deja-vù for election in 2016, as German leading media had explained the candidate of Democrats, Hillary Clinton, in advance to the winner to fall to Trump’s election victory then from all the clouds.

It also reminded annans. After the last US Prassidal election one had been set to surprises, so the Minister of State in the Aerial Office. His SPD partisseous Sigmar Gabriel – at the same time Chairman of the Atlantik-Brucke Verein – warned in front of a "AUMPOLITIC VACUUM". If the conflict is to stop the election outlet in the US, the ones were happy, "who want to fuel the vacuum. These are China, Russia, the Turkey". What shows: The Transatlantic Brucke has clear cracks now.

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