Bank cards: criminals despite modern security technology still successful

Bank cards: Criminals despite modern security technology still successful

The data claw at ATMs in Germany is after the iing of experts "Discontinued Model". So little skimming attacks like never, the damage in the current year on record low. That’s the good news.

The secret number in the purse

But criminals are looking for other ways to get access to foreign accounts – and have success with it. Because many consumers attributable to all warnings payment card and PIN (PIN) together in the purse, the damage takes due to the theft of the cards.

"In retail, you can also withdraw money with the PIN at the cash register. We ame that criminals of it make rain use", Says Margit Schneider of Euro card systems. On behalf of the German banking economy, the Frankfurt establishment can be used for security management for payment cards.

LadentMME has risen

Although the number of traps of loss and theft of payment cards fell in the current year to no afternote November.682. In the eleven months of the same period of the previous year, it was 10.004. However, gross shades through loss and theft of cards rose from more than 13.5 million euros to around 14.2 million euros to just in-line November.

In the far most cases the cardholders should have been stolen according to their own information the secret number, described Euro card systems. Security expert Schneider emphasizes: "The PIN belongs to the head, not in the wallet."

Skimming foreleges are jerking

At ATMs in Germany, data havens are always troubled to lose sensitive data from bank customers. From January to including November 2020 manipulated criminals according to EURO card systems nationwide 134 times ATMs. In the same period of the previous year, there was 227 such skimming trap, in the full year 2019 it was 245. Individual machines have been attacked several times.

Billions investments in greater safety of plastic money make criminals complicate their illegal business: the faucous map data is always more difficult to use. Because map relevant basically only work where payment cards are still scaled with relatively easily copying magnetic strips and the readers are designed in trade on magnetic strips.

Card folds based on customer data stealed in Germany, especially in India (a good 36 percent of claims for damages), the USA (more than 25 percent) and Indonesia (around 16 percent) were used this year.

Technically sophisticated against fraud

Overall, the gross shades dropped by Skimming in the current year at a low level. For just over a million euros, Euro card systems quantifies the gross sum of the damage due to the championship data and secret number until including November. This is a record low. In the same period of the previous year, skimming damage amounted to around 1.28 million euros, in the full year 2019, there were a little more than 1.4 million euros.

The industry leads the ruckle mainly on investment in the so-called EMC technique back, to which Germany has been setting for years: Payment cards are equipped with a kind of mini-computer, the card is recommended for every use for authenticity. In addition, so-called anti-skimming modules on more and more ATMs complicate the illegal reading of map data. In 2013, the skimming damage in Germany still amounted to 11.3 million euros, 2012 as in 2011 it was even 34 million euros each.

Lander with the lowest safety standard must pay

Thanks to international agreements, the local banking industry can now resume almost the entire damage meters. Since the 1. January 2019, for example, international agreements also reach in India, according to which, for damage from fraudulent fees with stolen map data, the countries have to emerge with the lowest safety standards. In Indonesia this is of the 1. January 2022 on the case.

Within Germany, criminals tried to come in Berlin in recent years in Berlin at map data. Because of the coarse number of foreign tourists whose payment cards are not yet equipped with EMC chip, the federal capital seemed a rewarding plaster. In the current year, however, the most expanded state North Rhine-Westphalia has the red lantern, with 44 manipulation of ATMs with so far. In Berlin, the number of more than 100 drops dropped to just 12 cases before the annual period.

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