Munchen, 17. April 2013 – The fact that items for classic vehicles are updated is now routine, owners historical BMW know the BMW Group Classic as a reliable contact person when it comes to spare parts. The BMW Classic Center currently offers around 40.000 components. Not so often whole aggregates are being performed. The BMW Group Classic has now dared a rare undertaking and offers a faithfully rebuilt gear for the sports car classic BMW 328.

Dream sports car of his epoch

The vehicle produced between 1936 and 1940 was considered a dream sports car of his epoch and was already a coveted raritat with only 464 copies for construction times. The current inventory is unknown, due to the Prasence for classical events, however, is to be amed by a handsome number of automobiles received. What many of them are missing is a true-to-true gearbox. With the replica of the Hurth transmission, a spare part for decades is again relevant.

Complete original gearboxes were not available for BMW 328 so far. Often, therefore, synchronized transmissions of another manufacturer were installed, which, however, deviated from the Hurth drive in crucial details. Especially the arrangement – the course one and two unsynchronized, the course three and four cones synchronized – did not find himself back in it. In a joint project of the BMW Group Classic and the automotive supply company ZF Friedrichshafen AG has now been remedied. The cooperation with the specialists from Lake Constance also had a historical background: In the 1990s ZF took over a corporate part of the original gear manufacturer Hurth.

Authentic new edition

Thus, the experts of the BMW Group Classic and the ZF tradition changed in several ways in the footsteps of their transactions. Together they went the so far complex project in the field of reconstruction of components for classic BMW automobiles. Original gearbox of vehicles from the stock of BMW Group Classic and contemporary design drawings from the city archive in Eisenach served as templates for the authentic new edition of the derailleur. Since the original gearbox has been changed several times, several variants and design planes had to be analyzed and balanced. Apart from a few details such as the optimized materials from current production and a spared storage for the second gear corresponds to that "new old" Transmission now completely the delivery state from the SpatPhase of the production time of the BMW 328.

FIA and FIVA compliant

The entire development and manufacturing process was carried out in close coordination with the International Automobile Trainer Fia and the World Association of Oldtimer Clubs, FIVA, which confirmed the authenticity of the gearbox. The blessing of the two association is particularly important for the sublisige of vehicles to official events. First prototypes of the new old transmission could prove their reliability in 2012 at the Mille Miglia, the most famous race for historic vehicles,.

For the sale of interested owners of a BMW 328 is now a circulation of 55 copies of the original component available. The distribution of the transmission post-buildings manufactured at ZF is exclusively via the BMW Classic Center. Overall, the project sustainably underlines the claim of the BMW Group Classic that original substance can be used in historical automobiles and should. For lovers of historical vehicles, the BMW Classic Center has a comprehensive product and service offer from the spare part to full restoration. With the reproduction of original components – for the Legendars BMW 328 as well as numerous other models – important contributions to the preservation of automobiles can also be carried out in the future.

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