As-sisi plads for an arabic engagement force

As-sisi plads for an Arabic engagement force

Egyptian soldiers, 1983. Image: US Army. Public-free

The Egyptian Government sees itself as a preammers against Islamist movements in the region and now tries to win a coalition for their variant of the anti-terrorist fight

According to the airshots of the Egyptian Air Force in Libya, the Egyptian government also went to the diplomatic offensive. Thus, Agypt’s Prasident said about the need for a military intervention against Jihadists in Libya, and also referred to the threat to this for Europe. After that, Agypten’s Aufemister Sameh Shoukry presented a swept variant against the United Nations.

The Egyptian Answirt provides that Weaponembargo’s weapons embarrassed in 2011 and equip the militias of the government fled to the Government with weapons. At the same time a lake blockade against the Fajr militis coalition is to be monitored, which controls the East Libya and the capital Tripoli. During the visit to the Russian Premier Putin in Cairo in the beginning of February, from the sides of the evil diplomats had already been incorporated by Russian weapons deliveries to the government in Tobruk, writes the news magazine Al-Monitor.

According to the most advisory government, an international coalition should also be willing to support the HOR government in Tobruk with military fusion, should this require. Only a few observers ame that the most advisable project will have success. Most western governments are a direct interference in the Lybian power struggle skeptically opposite and pladding for a diplomatic approach process between the two power blocks in Libya (see Libya: a national unity government should address).

A national unity is best capable of combating the jihadistic groups in Libya, so the position of most Western governments is summarized – the UN represents this position on the usmil, as a patron of negotiations between the two Libyan governments in Morocco acts.

Graben between Egypt and Qatar

In the Arab League there is no consistent consensus on the procedure in Libya. Although most states spoke out their understanding for the more evil aircraft against mutual IS positions in Libya, but with Qatar there was also one exception. So far, the Gulf State supported the Fajr militias in the west of the country, which is composed of numerous more or less Islamist-minded groups, and protested against interference in favor of the Tobruk government and its loyal militis coalition under General Khalafa-Al-Haftar.

The contradiction of Qatars once again reflects the ditch again, which has existed between theory and the Golf State since the power of the Egyptian militar. Qatar, during the term of office Mohamed Morsis, supported his government with coarse grants and also relies on militias in Libya, which ideologically close to the Muslim Brutern.

The opposition from Qatar harvesting aqueous reactions of more important side. The Egyptian Arab League Envoy Tarek ADL threw Qatar to support international terrorism and undermine the unity of the league – whereupon Qatar moved to his ambassador from Egypt.

There is little doubt that the Egyptian government as a preammers looks against Islamist movements in the region, regardless of whether it is militant Jihadists or comparatively moderate muslim bridge. The promise of the Islamist movements to risk in Egypt and guarantee security, the As-Sisis government refers to the coarse part of its domestic legitimacy – and received a commitment of confidence from a coarse part of the agypal population for this promise.

The balance of anti-terror missions on the Sinai remains fragged

In their attitude that the fight against terrorism priority above all others have, the Egyptian Government also asks the population for obvious that in many other areas the improvement still remains.

Many areas of the most evil life remain as a period of time: the economic upswing continues to wait, despite finance syringes from the Gulf, it is regularly due to desastroses disflowths on agypal straws and by excessive police power and again people die – as recently 22 youthful football fans of the Cairoer Team Zamalek in front of a football stadium in the capital.

But even in the reflection of terrorism in Egypt, the balance of the government is Al-Sisis Fragwurrdig. Although rough terrorist attacks were remained in the most out of the Core last year last year, but only in January, in North Sinai, there was a fatal attack series in the North Sinai, in which 30 people died, half of them civilians.

According to sources from the Egyptian General Staff, the militar on the Sinai pursues a counterproductive strategy. The news page Al-Monitor quotes anonymously an agypth general who sharply criticizes the procedure of the militar.

The General reports on a strong prere of success that the militar exposed – and which in practice leads above all to the fact that evidence of the Bedouin stems are arrested and tortured and whose houses are destroyed. This, in turn, strengthens the resentment of the Bedouins to the more advisable state – although without the localized Bedouins, the jihadistic structures on the Sinai can barely find.

The air raids – especially good for the image of the SISI government

Much suggested that in the face of lack of domestic achievements, the aircraft in Libya of the Egyptian Government, after all, awarded their intentional image as a bulwark against Jihadist groups new upwind. According to a survey of the Egyptian Opinion Statut Institute of Baseera, 85% of the Egypt is supported by the aircraft.

But in parts of the Egyptian society, criticism stated that the government did not react much abroad. The deployment of the Coptic Christians in Sirte was already known at approximately two months, but only after the publication of the development videos, the government decided against the Islamists (is dead Coptic hostages in Libya). Also before, it came mainly in the city of Sirte, in which the Jihadistic Al-Ansar militia influence, again and again to decommunications and assassinations of Coptic Egyptys and the air raids.

With the attacks of the Egyptian Air Force in Sirte, the fear of retaliating attacks on Egypt in Libya now increases, regardless of whether they are Copts or Muslims. In Egypt, there are no current statistics on the number of agypal foreign workers in Libya, the estimates vary between 500.000 and one million. Egyptians are historically the biggest group of foreign workers. In front of the uprising against Gaddafi, around two million most million agypal guest workers lived in the much more prosperous Libya – so that every fourth inhabitant was the state of Egypt. Many of them come from the poor Oberagpt, where the proportion of Coptic population is highly highly high.

Some of the public voices of Egypt have raised the question why the Egyptian government is flying air raids in the neighboring country, although they are not willing or able to legally influence the power differences in Libya through an intervention of their own army. An answer to this Gave Egypt’s Prasident As-Sisi in a TV address itself.

In it he thanked Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan for their support and pladated for building an Arab engaging force.

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