Apple revives mtv from fruhe

Apple revives MTV from Fruhe

Apple has started a new Internet station. Apple Music TV is accessible via the music app as well as the TV + -app accessible and promises to be a kind of classic MTV for the 2020s: here are to be sent 24 hours on the stucco known music videos, live performances and events, such as the entertainment complex Variety report.

Service supplements Apple’s audio stations

The offer reminiscent of Apple’s in-house audio station Apple Music 1 – formerly Beats 1 – with the Sparing Canal Apple Music Hits and Apple Music Country. This offer is also based on classic media offers, in this case at the hilldrunk and well-known moderators.

At the beginning of the service, the Group stops a countdown of the 100 most commonly steamed in Apple Music songs with their music videos. On Thursday, a introductory event for the new album of Bruce Springsteen – whose new Doku is exclusive to Apple TV + – planned.

Music video premieres and moderators

On Friday, two musicians – Joji and Sain JHN – to present their new music videos exclusively at Apple Music TV before they also appear on other channels. To the moderators in the streaming end of Zane Lowe, who has been driving through the program for more than five years for Apple Music 1.

Apple Music TV is currently not available internationally. The offer seems to be reported to the United States of America; A geoheiche takes off even European users who use a US account with Apple.

Service should be free

Apple Music TV is according to information from Variety As a free offer planned to apply Apple Music and TV + – but an Apple ID account seems necessary to see the service. Users in the USA can take advantage of a direct URL under Macos Catalina and iOS or iPados advisers to get to the video offer. In iTunes, Apple Music TV is also accessible.

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