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The email as a misconstructed product: a case for www.argh

Emails are a bit fine: practical, fast and cheap when you use it correctly. But that’s the problem. And what does the most serious email address use if never looks at the electronic mailbox. That may be somehow somehow with private individuals, but if rough companies call an email address on their network pages as an information address and then no one answers on the letters, the same is just as embarrassing as in the "case" The two Lower-axis regional newspapers, which are now regularly in the advertising program almost a year "Internet addresses" We advertise our home line for your network pages, but consistently write the accelerated URL: WWW-Zeitungxyz-de.

In the right record conventionally, it was illegally an email, which would love us the nice head of a cinema center. The text itself just worried on a few sentences, but these were unfortunately on a fax that was scanned in advance and lying with us as a picture file in the electronic mailbox. Coarse: 1.2 MB! Overall enough to cook a coffee during the annoying long downloads.

Almost for the preparation of a lunch, the image files appended at an email had served, which led us a company. Actually, it was only about a fifs-side text, but as a colorful viewing material there was a few photos: six MB.

On the other hand, if the press spokesman of a rough bench can send emails, Blob blob if you then wanted to send him with the answer function a few lines, a one’s own mail is immediately used as undeliverable. Reason: From old habit, the good man has set the name of his department before the name constituent of his email address.

Almost absurd are the following trap: Who supplements the Telekom subsidiary Mediavision Uber’s network a request needs a lot of patience. The answer took four to six weeks on average. Similarly, the German offshoot of Microsoft works modern. If there is a response to an e-mail, then the mailpost is sent. Consistently, on the other hand, the press department of the Karstadt Group operates, in which they do not even answer requests. And even with AOL-Germany, the reaction to an email only takes two days, for that the promised document ("that we send you immediately by mail") Not after two weeks not yet there.

All this suggests the suspicion that even the email on and for a case for the web side www.argh There will be namely "False-constructed products and packaging" presented: "Stuff that nobody understands and can serve, that does not stop what it promises." The listed human-tragic trap ranging from the fight with the self-spontaneously destructive aluminum foil over Deos, which Animalian stinks, to Miss Marple Crimeans, in which Miss Marple does not occur at all. And sometimes answers to the consumer complaints even the manufacturers.

The closest example provides a company that produces finished nodule and vividly describes the packaging problem:

"Generally, the notch on the rubbing will be long enough so that the user can rub wells to the prepared toggle, but it should not be too long as otherwise the cooking bags are bursting the kneodel. It is also important that both for soaking and cooking the toggle as well as after quenching is taken a lot of water. Sometimes it is difficult for customers to cow the Knodel until the Hulle is almost cold. The toggle then still has the right consumption temperature after taking on."

If we find a similarly obvious description of the correct handling of e-mails, we will submit them immediately. But as long as you continue to ride the fright into the limbs, if it is called again: "I pack that right on the mail."

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