“… And everything explodes!”

Hamburg, 20. January 2015 – "Who handed with coarse energy quantities, should be careful in principle."Daniel Hustadt brings it to the point. This means not only the hydrogen, for whose smooth relief he is responsible at the gas station in the Hamburg HafenCity. Gasoline, the most popular car prit in Germany, is fir-cyclically. With Dieselol (and artificial thread), worse mischief can be driven. And electrochemical memory, ie batteries, horses more and more energy on ever narrower space. We bunken a lot of energy in the car to come from the spot. That is principle not immaic.

A Molotov cocktail impresses us. Niki Lauda’s fire accident remains in memory. Nevertheless, the gasoline tank is cold. Hydrogen as an energy carrier but awakens skepticism. Elon Musk, the land of the electric car company Tesla Motors, plays with the fear and provoked in the MIRRORS: Hydrogen is "a terrible choice because he is highly". At a leak, so musk, the gas collect under the garage ceiling. "Then someone puts on a cigarette, and everything exploded."Such statements are the question: how dangerous is hydrogen?

Two aspects have to be considered here: on the one hand the tank operation and the other the car itself.

Hydrogen is extremely cursive

"I have a secure feel, even if leaks should occur," explores Daniel Hustadt. Is clear, you might mean, because Hustadt is project manager of the H-gas station operated by Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH in the HafenCity. But it is not that simple. The feeling Hustadt is based on facts and arguments.

Technology from Linde are currently sold around 1.2 tons of hydrogen per month at the upper tree bridge. Customer is among other things, the highway, which drives electrical buses of public transport. The system can produce up to 260 kilograms of hydrogen per day – and that is the special feature: Here, the energy carrier is not delivered by tanker strugues, but fabricated by electrolysis from green electricity on site.

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