Amocationats have model character

An international study provides evidence that many amookers are imitators and above often often have to do professionally with weapons

After the amooker of Erfurt, everywhere is discussed by whether and how comparable violence can be prevented in the future. The previous cognition methods and also the sharpest weapons law in Europe were still not decisive, because experts ame that amokraners can not show any behaviencies up to their act and thus not to be identified in advance.

Werner Greve, psychologist at the Criminological Research Institute in Lower Saxony, a few days ago "mirrors" correspondingly pessimistic. "Amoclasses are so little avoidable as natural disasters." And the only one "Common to amookers is the amooker".

This discouraging thesis now contradicts an international study developed under the direction of the Wurzburg Psychology Professor Armin Schmidtke and has just been presented on a congress of suicide researchers in Washington. Schmidte, which is at the University Hospital for psychiatry and psychotherapy, examined with colleagues from the Otto Selz Institute in Mannheim and numerous American experts worldwide 143 amokfalle from the years 1993 to 2001. The scientists came to several surprising results.

The temporal distribution of the amocates is unlikely not randomly, as the violence usually has no longer than 18 days apart. The suicide researchers conclude that these crimes have apparently prior to potential tatters. This is less surprising insofar as the amooker had further striking similarities. With one exception, these were young men who were an average of 35 years old and mostly made of racialness totled. Many of them had to do professionally with weapons and thus no technical problems in carrying out their moral tarpaulins. Of the 143 amocalaes were saying and write 28% soldiers and 7% policemen.

In addition, the course of the crimes in numerous traps proved to be almost congruent. For a series of amocaanes, newspaper cutouts and other documents have been found over early mass murders, in Vorrhale reported the tatter that they had oriented to appropriate models. This is especially true for the cladding with fighting suggaries and the choice of the tort, which plays a central role in the planning of the amoceals. Many climbed an increased platform or a tower to get an extensive and free weft field.

The scientists therefore reach the leading conclusion that amocates can be imitably imitated above. Thus, they acknowledge suicide actions, which can also be used for comparison, because about half of the tatter falls the victim to his own crimes. National peculiarities clearly play no role, because the crime on which a lateral amokada is based on, can have been substantiated in another country or even continent.

The complete results of the study, which the discussion of the most effective type of prevention certainly were allowed to give new food in short in the journal "Suicide prophylaxis" to be published.

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