Amnesty: eu turkey: “death as the right to asylum”

Amnesty: EU Turkey:'todesstob fur das recht auf asyl'

There was a real agreement on the meeting EU Turkey. Image: EU

Despite sold criticism from the EU, another news medium was taken from the Turkish government. At the border should be shot on Syrian escape

Quotely to the EU summit on which the Turkish government set new demand for the escape of the escape agreement, she demonstrated again after the government-critical newspaper Zaman, that it is nothing to freedom of press freedom. A court in Istanbul decided on Monday on a request from the Attorney General of Istanbul, to subsequent the news agency Cihan of government control.

Like Zaman, Cihan is associated with the network of Fethullah Gulen, who lives in the US, the preacher used with Erdogan, with which the AKP came to power. The influence of its Hizmet movement is intended to rope deep into the state institutions. But terrified Erdogan his former composite. The break was, as uncovered that the AKP is involved up to the top in corruption scandals. With gross conspiracy theoretic gesture, Erdogan now warns of the Great Network, which wander the government and wander the state, and accuses the wireholders of terrorism, the movement is considered "Criminal Association" Or as Gulens Terror Organization (Feto). It is asserted by the Turkish government, Gulen has set up an armed troop and one "Parallel" built. Against him, a process is carried out in the absence, the government seeks delivery from the USA.

The Turkish government rejects criticism of the turnout of opposition media. This is the only one legal process, said head of government Davutoglu. There is a lot of critical media in the country. At Zaman, it was not the content, but to surgery against the plan to undermine a democratically chosen government. Feto was involved in illegal activities like money wash. However, Zaman was accused of the spread of terror propaganda.

In Brussel was the speech after the summit with the Turkey of a breakthrough. Merkel could enforce that it is now evaporated in the closing document (Merkel: sustainable against "Balkan route is closed"-Explain) that "The ‘Politics of Bringing’ must be terminated. With the irregular migration transit along the western balcony route, the end is reached." At the same time becomes a "Timetable ‘Back to Schengen’" set.

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