Am i the same as before and in a year?

Am I the same as before and in a year?


An attempt over personal identity in time

Today it becomes philosophical. And psychologically at the same time. And I hopefully I can finally fulfill an old reader request, which in connection with the ten-year existence of my blog on scilogs on the 27th. September 2017 was formulated: the question of the personal identity in time. Or: Am I the same as before and in a year?

Of course, such a ten-year-old jubilaum, especially as an online journal, an opportunity to ask oneself to ask if you are still the same as earlier. Maybe you write diary? Or had a similar experience in the cubic room of school graduation, graduation, the job, wedding or a similar event. They were the same ten years later?

The everyday model

The question has different levels and also different answers. The easiest way is the everyday or the legal level: all likely about a summer day of 1979, born in writing at a winter days of the following year in the city of Wiesbaden in the country Germany, provided with first and surnames, ready. And this "person" Write a text that is 39 years, around 14.400 days later appears under the same name. It almost looks like a miracle.

So far so good. For society, my existence began with birth and ends with death. In the meantime, I will be considered one and the same, uninterrupted person. For example, I can not steal a bread at the backer, eat and ten minutes later to the police say: "But they had to come sooner. The thief was ten minutes ago, not anymore. I have not stolen the bread."

Accordingly, our social practices work. If a friend has planned a journey planned for months simply with the fundamentation, the agreement was closed with the then person, not with him, we probably not only surprised each other. We were also wondering how a friendship with him still possible to be possible, yes, however, we could seriously serve him as a person.

trip to the past

But we took care of the philosophical-psychological challenge about a doubt: Still old than my (?) First blog post is my (?) First article on Telepolis. Or say: The first article on Telepolis, who under the name "Stephan mucus" was published, before around 5.300 days in 2005 (whom is the brain?To).

Spontaneously, I was said that I never got such a different title. And then from "Beginning of neural revolution" or the "Exploding market of neuroscience" To swaddle, that does not work. In the mailbox I found a message of the treating editor who (?) Introduced to represent his own point of view during the next time and not blob with the bump "That must decide the company" clarify. That does not hit me very much.

Of course, I know that whoever published 140 articles in a medium before a 139., 138., … 3., 2., 1. Text must have written. But that implies that the author is all this article the same person, albeit at different times. And where you should know that if you do not simply accept it as an endangered practice? Free after the motto: "We do that here as well!" And that did not yield to the claim of philosophy, which asks the question of why again and again.

Philosophical thoughts ..

The problem has not asked for the famous doubton Descartes (1596-1650), one of the mental father of modern times,. Or the solution was obvious for him: I am a thinking substance

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