Alternatives to care allowance

If the federal government wants meaningfully invest in early child care, it does not need "Stir"

On Friday, the Bundestag advised the introduction of the controversial care allowance after the first attempt had failed in mid-June at the lack of resolution of the Parliament. Whether the government-bearing parties finally find a common and majority line, is still uncertain. The CSU further threatens prophylactically with the end of the cooperation. "If the care allowance fails, then the coalition fails", CSU boss Horst Seehofer last weekend.

Alberner could not be the new mat radiator from the Bavarian State Chancellery. Because if the coalition burst, the tarpaulin is probably enduring the care allowance faster in the waste paper, when the Minister Prosident can extract his personal family planning.

700 € Care budget

The CSU has stylized the import of childcare allowance to a policy ie and awakened the most absurd desires with its back-waiting family policy. Klaus Zeh, once a family minister in Thuringen and initiator of the hardly innovative education allowance, calls as a prassident of the German Family Association now a care budget in a total of 700 €. The Ministers of Finance were even grateful for this proposal, believes toe.

Finally, the public hand turns for a nativity field up to 1.000 Euro, during the care allowance just 150 euros cost. The authors of the European Court of Education 2012 judge the situation very differently – especially with regard to the legal entitlement applicable from August 2013 to children’s day care for 1- and 2-year-old.

Since the financing of the still outstanding U3-expansion – tinkered to the necessary qualitative improvements – all stakeholders prior to significant challenges, there is a risk of being satisfactorily achieving any of the intended goals through additional benefits such as the care allowance.

Educational Report 2012

The childcare allowance was the state after the comparatively favorable import period 2013 (400.000 Euro) year more than one billion euros cost. The failure of tax and social security revenues for no longer employed parents was negatively impacted on the situation of public funds.

12.000 to 20.000 experts are missing

In addition, if sums in this coarse are to be found in early development, it is little to say. But there are more urgent and more efficient investment opportunities. A number of construction sites shows a bulletin of the German Youth Institute (DJI), which is dedicated to expansion, quality and challenges of cheerful education.

Thomas Rauschenbach and Matthias Schilling of the Research Association German Jugendinstitut of the Technical University Dortmund, for example, the question of whether the support facilities of the Federal Republic of the politically intentional expansion of the early childcare have also grown personally. The conclusion falls out duster.

Although around 300 are currently working.000 educators in children’s day care, and the quota closing rate of the technical schools is about 20.000. Nevertheless, according to current calculations in August 2013, if the legal entitlement to care for 1- and 2-year-old is reaching, 12.000 to 20.000 experts are missing. There are significant differences between the federal stations and regions, but individual considerations ran only to smaller, but not less disturbing results.

Rauschenbach and Schilling play through all sorts of scenarios, which ranges from Ruckhol actions for already preceded educators on the working time extension for part-time divisions to the increase in the transitional ratio of graduates. And there was still more to do:

Likewise, the framework conditions were to be improved for the new generation of the university educated, so that the field of children’s day is attractive for this field. And last but not least, it could also be promising to finally make the educational profession at more attractive through better payment.

Rauschenbach / Schilling: too few professionals for under three-year-old

Qualitat – "Unrizative interaction room"

Federal Minister of Station Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) wants to be asked if "5000 people from the legal group SGB II and SGB III" could be redone to educators. However, the youngest research literature shows that the multifunctional education expert of the Federal Government – apart from the fact that comparable tarpaulin has not worked earlier, so that an already existing problem has been further screened.

In order and above all the training of the experts, in the age, it is not the best in the age of increasing requirements. Educate "The entire bandwidth of different signals that can send children, perceive and understand" and building a bond that not only "Safety and grip-oriented" is, but also one "Explorative Cognitive Dimension" Includes, Regine Schelle calls for the continuing education initiative for DJI’s early educational initiative. But so that many educators are required, so the kindergarten to "unkreatian interaction room" will. No rough chance so, to accompany cheerful education processes imaginatively and sustainably support.

"Flanking qualification maps" Stop clamp for unasked. And they are probably also to carry promising initiatives in the long term and are not captured by the everyday routine.

Specialists need more knowledge about how learning processes are excited and supported. Only then can a constructivist learning environment in the kindergarten can be established in the long term. To achieve this, the educational experiences of the professionals must also be required

Clamp: Education as interaction

In this sense, the Padagogue Mathias Urban, seven years ago, forced the debate for the academistry of education of educators and demanded on the occasion, "to redeem the entire system of early childcare, education and education".

To the system of support, education and education, in addition to the facilities for children also training and further education, administrations, consortium organizations, local, state and federal politics, research institutes and increasingly also colleges and universities. As actors involved father and mother, caregivers, experts, management and warranty, consultants, political decision-makers, researchers.

Mathias Urban: Professionalization and qualitats development in the system

In the current DJI bulletin also the Autorentrio Martina Heitkotter, Stefan Heeg and Heike Wiemert points out that quality initiatives are not limited to the education and training of the staff. All actors, but also structures and processes offered variable starting points for a professionalization. Heitkotter, Heege and Wiemert completes their thesis using the example of day care, which is not considered equal to many municipalities. A dedicated professionalization of this area is practically impossible. To dissipate the reform jam, decision makers had to be at a municipal level ..

… integrating children’s day care as an equivalent offer of child and youth welfare in the municipal overall support concept, which organize the state of state transparent, which systematically integrate children’s day care systematically and socially oriented into municipal needs planning of the care offer, produce equality with the contributions and ultimately ease the parents to determine the scope of care itself.

Heitkotter / Heeg / Wiemert: More than qualification. What does professionalization mean in day care? An empirical concretization

(Vertae) Opportunities

That the auberfamiliArticipation of one to two-year and old children ideally has a positive effect on everyday behavior, the language enhancing or communication and social behavior, can hardly be seriously denied. In this respect, the idea of childcare money is already aimed at the requirements of modern family policy.

Of course, there is certainly that of ideally in many facilities of childcare can not be speech. Padagogues of the Otto-Friedrich-Universitat Bamberg refer in their contribution to the results of the national investigation to education, support and education in the early childhood. Accordingly, more than 80 percent of 188 crib groups achieve a mean quality level – and less than ten percent good quality values. Even with an investigation of kindergarten, deficits were determined above all. Accordingly, the skills of the cared for children are on one "Inadequate level".

This applies in particular to the areas "Global cognitive requirement", "Request of literacy", So the early wrangu competences, and "Request of Numeracy", So the early mathematical competences. By contrast, however, the "Demand social skills" judged.

Katharina Kluczniok / Jutta Sight / Hans-Gunther Robbach: Quality in kindergarten

Nevertheless, the path does not necessarily have to run into the next PISA catastrophe. But also in this area, investments in a magnitude were necessary, which could easily exceed the quarry volume of care allowance.

In order to increase the quality of children’s day care, maws at different levels are significant. In addition, control measures (such as the implementation of the educational planes and their examination as well as systematic quality development and backup processes, for example, in the form of a general educational preservation), measures for the further development of professional action competencies of early-advanced professionals (…) as well as strong research. An extensive quality improvement is probably expected only if these macers are based on multiple levels.

Katharina Kluczniok / Jutta Sight / Hans-Gunther Robbach: Quality in kindergarten

So there is more than enough possibilities to spend additional billions bearing for the field of early education. You can ever simply sink them. If a government fails, that’s a novelty. But quite tolerable.

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