“Aligns the view of israel’s nuclear weapons”

After 18 years of Israeli detention, the Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu demands the inspection of Israeli nuclear weapons

Yesterday, the Israeli Stateburger Mordechai Vanunu has been released after 18 years from his Israeli captivity with hard conditions. In 1986, the British Sunday Times ended using Vanunus descriptions and secret photos, whether Israel had nuclear weapons (in freedom, but as in the custody). Since then, experts have come to the conclusion that Israel have the hexagonal atomic weapon potential of the world. Israel has never signed the nuclear detection agreement and pursues a strategy of nuclear obfuscation. Israel can achieve all the Landers with his nuclear weapons, with whom it was already in the war. Vanunus first statement after his freestig under conditions was to focus on Israel’s nuclear weapons. A dossier to Israel’s secret nuclear weapons arsenal.

Picture of The U.S. Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu

Resolution 687 of the UN Security Council ended on 3. April 1991 the second Gulf War and formulated the ceasefire conditions, but leading to no solution to the problems in the region. The resolution regulated that "unconditional" Prohibition of the possession of ABC weapons by Iraq. The alleged break of this resolution led to the Third Gulf War, which is now in a paleastina-like situation. Resolution 687 also emphasizes how important it is that "all states" to hold the prohibition of biological and chemical weapons. The resolution recalls, "using all the means available" on the "The aim of the overcoming of a balanced and comprehensive control of the rusts in the region" to work.

First, the British in 1917 chemical artillery ranges against the Turks at the Battle of Gaza. Even after the First World War, they used poison gas in 1920 against the Iraqi Shiites.1 in Yemeni Burger War (1962 to 1969) used Egyptian chemical weapons. In the first Gulf War (1980 to 1988) Saddam Hussein with the US support on poison gas also reached. General are reports that the Iraqi headquarters Saddam Hussein in Marz 1988 attack the Kurdish city Halabja with poison gas. However, the ex-CIA agent Stephen Pelletiere relies on a secret US intelligence report, the death of about 5.000 Iraqis should be accessed to an Iranian attack (Hussein and poison gas use in Northern Iraq. However, it could also be an attempt by US administration, from one "Rogue states" to distance, which one supported then.

Resolution 687 also reminds of the need for the "The aim of creating a nuclear zone in the Middle East region" to work. In this regard, Israel’s nuclear weapons program can not be cared for. In fact, the key to the scope of the region.

Night night Israel

Israel has been nuclear night since the 60s. Contrary to Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey, Israel did not ratify the nuclear detection agreement, not even signed an absorbent appreciation. Israel has never admitted to own nuclear weapons, and denied the international atomic energy depreciation (IAEA) to inspect his investments (Israel’s atomic policy).

Experts do not doubt that Israel is in possession of nuclear weapons. The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) gives the number of nuclear shands for medium-range missiles at 100 to 200. In a study of the US Army, the number 500 is called. The technology received Israel originally from France. The first research reactor was delivered in 1952. In the 60s UN inspectors have inspected the research center several times without having to make a precise picture of the activities there. According to FAS, the Israelis even went so far to install incorrect operating instruments and to increase elevator bays and sweep. While the so-called six-day war (1967), in whose train the territories to date have been conquered, Israel had already had two atomic bombs dedicated.

Photo from the atomic system Dimona von Vanunu from 1985

The rocket technology also came originally from France. The range of Jericho II, one of Israel improved French rocket, will be matched by 1.500 km. Practically no doubt is that Israel’s technology of the civilian missile program has been found in its nuclear weapons carrying program. Today one goes out that Israel in an atomic starvation up to 5.000 km distant goals can attack.2 Israel spans a nuclear screen from the Jericho Basis in Sedot Mikha, which covers a nuclear umbrella covering, with whom Israel was already in war, and far beyond.

In the middle of the 90s, among Israeli militars, the threatening realization that a nuclear starter of an enemy country could turn off Israel’s nuclear weapons. In this situation, an analysis of Jane’s Intelligence Review met an open nerve. Even a relatively uncaid of Russian or Chinese starvation on bunkers and firing ramps could rob the land of possibility to use nuclear weapons themselves. According to the Iranian test of a ShiHab-3 rocket in July 1998, Israel formulated Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai’s necessity of responding to the new threat3:

We have to have the right answers now and course. To counter every threat, the defense foggy requires crucial resources, especially for such a danger threat as it runs from Iran.

the "correct answer" Was already in the acquisition at this time.

Germany gave Israel nuclear second slot capacity

June 2002 Pit the Washington Post: "Israel has submarine-trimmed nuclear weapons capacity". Otherwise there are practically no doubt that Israel has been a second slot capacity since the end of the 1990s, nuclear weapons can also be used after a devastating blow against the country. Israel’s Fruher Commander of the Marine Avraham Botzer described 4 such a submarine fleet as "Guarantee that the enemy will not be led to to attack praventively with non-conventional weapons and get away from escape."

In the years 1998 to 2000, Germany exported three submarines of the type "Dolphin" Israel. The special feature of this rusting business was that the boats were delivered as the first western submarines with torpedo tubes of different diameters. In addition to the full-time 533 mm torpedor ears, the Kieler HowaldTSwerke-German Shipyard (HDW) equipped the submarines with 650 mm pipes, from which march flight corpers can be fired. On the question of the Berlin Information Center for Transatlantic Security (Bits), why the additional pipes were installed, the Federal Government answered, one did not know what Israel intends to do, but the coarse torpedo pipes before delivery with metal rails on the normal caliber of 533 mm rejoice.

As a march jerseorker, US modified are modified according to expert assessments "Harpoons" with a range of about 130 km used. These could transport nuclear shatters.5 FAS, as a surgical area, also gives the Red Sea and last but not least the Persian Gulf. The London Sunday Times reported upon appeal to Israeli militars that Israel performed a successful SRRI Lanka successfully in May 2000 in May 2000. There should be a 1.500 km away. Dementis of Israel and Sri Lanka’s page6 replied the US militar unofficially, the US Navy had observed the test. Whether the march joker atomic are considered, but you do not even try to find out. This is "Beyond Top Secret".

U boats do not serve the peace process

The Arab world responded to the German delivery. The Syrian governmental tube Tischrin saw adverse effects on the peace process in the Middle East and the creditancy of the Europe. The semicopatic agypal newspaper Al-Ahram designated the sale as a violation of the balanced policy of Germany.7 Gerhard Schroder, who had a month after the beginning of the second intifada and at the time of the arrival of the third boat as a mediator in Israel, had to be said by the Palastian intelligence service8, they fished it "Strange that Germany now sends rusts" (see. Also Israel has equipped from Germany-born submarines with atomic bombs).

The export of the cabbage government was led to the paths. Israel planned at the end of the 80s, two submarines with American residual aids. But the US wanted that the boats were built in an American shipyard. Cabbage approved this. Soon, however, it turned out that America has no suitable shipyard. Almost it looked as if the boats were built in the Kiel shipyard. One and a half months before the onset of the second golf war, Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Arens broke the company, allegedly, since Israel had to pay a significant part itself.9

"Operation Westensturm" then brought the solution. So to speak, as German reparation for the supply of poison gas components to Iraq, Germany paid 85% of the total cost of the boats (1.1bn. Mark). "Probably", So the bits experts, "The cost share of Israel was covered by compensatory German rusts in Israel", German companies had to buy Israeli good.10

The ROTGRUME federal government has reformulated the Rusting Export Principles before the delivery of the third submarine. A principle prescribes consultations of the Federal Security Council in the case of deliveries in Lander, in which "An outbreak of armed disputes threatens or existing voltages and conflicts by export have been drawn, maintained or savved". As decision factors, among other things, the "Human rights situation in the receper country" called. Cooperation should also "lie in the federal and / or europolitical interest". Bits leaves the background of the delivery "Historic Prekare German-Israeli ratio" at.

Israel’s security doctrine

The Israeli nuclear weapons program grew out of the conviction that the Holocaust justifies all means to guarantee the existence of the state of Israel. "Never again", So the first chairman of the Israeli atomic electricians are Ernst David Bergmann, should Jews "Like Lammer to the Schlachter" be guided.

The Dimona plant. The reactor looks at the bottom left. Satellite picture from 2000 from Ikonos

Israel is forced to technological considerity as the country is very small. An enemy aircraft can fly it within four minutes. Also, due to demography, no coarse standing army can be maintained. The Israeli disputes make this by state-of-the-art technology amongwhradingly American production and effective explanation. When deterring with chemical weapons-erupted neighboring nuclear weapons play the big role.

Israel pursues a strategy of "Nuclear veil". The researcher Avner Cohen thus refers to the official attitude not to give the possession of nuclear weapons neither nor spray. Israel has hardly threatened its neighboring temperatures athood atomically. After the Iranian rocket test in 1998, the then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "Israel has answers and I believe that every country in the region is the woman." For Cohen, Israel’s nuclear weapons are a sign that the Arab-Israeli conflict will be released peacefully. In fact, Israel has not been attacked since October War (1973).

Furthermore, the London Sunday Times, known for their contacts in the Israeli government and militar system, reported in 1998, Israel developed one "Ethno bomb", The only Arab dead (an ethnic bomb?To). Israel reacted with reports, Iraq hour only weeks before the completion of new organic weapons. Although both Arabs and Jews of Semitic origin are what makes it very difficult to make organic weapons on just one people "program", be this "Especially with regard to the Iraqi people" succeded.12 microbiologists and biowaffe experts held such weapons for not feasible.

If the deterrence fails, the praventiv attack

If the deterrence is not enough, the classic Israeli security document provides praventiv attacks. In June 1981, Israeli fighter aircraft destructed an Iraqi atomic reactor shortly before his reported completion. Israel then announced that they have prevented the production of nuclear weapons.

Israel also has the "Precedent" created for the Praventiv War applied by the USA in Iraq. In the so-called six-day war (1967) Israel – according to the doctrine, grabbed the battle of his own territory to the enemy – Cypt, Jordan and Syria. Whether the Israeli praventive stroke should accommodate an Arab attack, or if Israel saw the chance to conquer further areas, for Dietrich Jung from the University of Hamburg speculation remains.

At the end of the 1990s, Israeli militar strategists felt forced to redefine the security document. The repellent (proliferation) of mass destruction guns can no longer be prevented in the way it had happened in Iraq. From 1998, when the UNSCOM-weapon inspectors were deducted, Israeli militars also felt the Iraqi problem again than "unusual". As a new strategic threat, Iran appeared on the horizon. From 2004, Iran can be expected to be an atomic threat of Israel, analyzing the Bar Ilan University of 1999.

Israel and Iran rattling with the sling

The Islamic Republic of Iran had dismissed inspectors of international atomic energy depreciation last month after IAEA had accused of disguising atomic research (Night of Iran?To). Iran officially builds an atomic reactor for medical research. Ambitions on nuclear weapons are denied, but the law is available to balance Israel’s Arsenal. Iran throws the West, Israel, "which has not signed a demolition agreement", Tur and gate to open, during it itself "highest prere" stand. Possible Israeli praventiv attacks of the type of 1981 replied the Iran, you will "unimaginable" Turn back against Jerusalem. That "Zionist regime" be the "Groomed threat of states in the region".

Israeli hardliners see an enemy in the Islamic republic, which not only supports the Lebanese Shiite Organization Hisbollah and terrorism, but the Israeli state nuclear nuclear wool. The Israeli prere group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) wrote in November 2002, Iran hour shortly before the completion of his atomic reactor. In addition, Saddam Hussein is "allegedly" in possession of long-distance rockets, which Israel exposed to the risk of Iraqi B or C-weapon attack. Michael Donovan from the Center for Defense Information estimated in 2002, the Israeli nuclear weapons arsenal "On the foreseeable future, a driving force for Iran and Iraq will be to gain weapons of mass destruction."

Despite everything, the BBC was able to reveal last September that the British Ministry of Commerce had agreed to the export of key components for the production of nuclear weapons to Iran. This was possible, since Rough Britain has a weapon embargo, but no trademargo against Iran.

New weapons for the "New threat situation"

In 1997, for the experts from Jane’s it looked like Israel one "Nuclear impact exchange with a geographically coarse country" Exercise, as it continued to put on mass instead of class.13 In 1998, there were the first signs of an adjustment of the Israeli security document, as the analysis of the Bar Ilan University of 1999 outsourced. Israel thanked his deterrent capacity. In addition to the second slot capacity, a fleet of two dozen F-15i hunting bombers was purchased, the first in June 1998 was ready for use. These aircraft have a feed radius of 1.500 km and can "reach each place in the Middle East without refueling". Under new defensive systems u.a. the "Arrow"-Antirake batteries whose second generation went through last tests shortly before the beginning of the last Gulf War.

At the moment the Israeli Luftwaffe is equipped with 102 new F-16i hunting bombers. The new bombers are said to be Israel’s deterrent potential. In November 2003, the first machine ran in Texas from the tape of the manufacturer Lockheed Martin. The business is scated to $ 4.5 billion and represents the large military acquisition in the history of Israel. The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (Jinsa) writes, the costs were denied from the American military pot. Jinsa is a lobby organization with best connections to the hawks in the Pentagon.

For 1985, Israel has been awarded to almost three billion dollars grants and is thus the bigest receptionist American aid. In 1998, the then Israeli Minister of Finance Yaakov introduced Neeman to reduce the 1.2 billion dollar share of economic help by 2010 and increased the military share of 1.8 to 2.4 billion in the same period. Since 1999, the US lays its help accordingly. In addition to Jordan ($ 400 million.In 2003, Israel received $ 600 million economic aid and 2.1 billion military aid. That "Arrow"-The project also have the US with 625 million. Dollar support.14

No weapons for the new threat situation

For the critic of US AUMPOLICY NOAM CHOMSKY is based15 that "Historically unique bundis" between the US and Israel on the insight that Israel "strategic asset" is, "Converting the US destinations in the Middle East (and other resorts) together with the Arab Facadars in the Gulf and with other regional regulators and family engineers."

Philip Zelikov, today exporting director of the 9/11 examination commission and then consultants in President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (Pfiab), said on the 10. September 2002, a possible attack on Iraq has the main reason to protect the bonded Israel. George Friedman, the chairman of the industry service for geopolitical analyzes Stratfor, wrote on 6. February 200316, who at that time shortly imminent Iraq war serve the purpose of redefining the status quo in the region. "Geopolitical is a war Lander such as Syria and Saudi Arabia completely and Iran partially circle." Syria is in the eyes of Israeli strategists next to Iran to Israel’s main fines. Therefore, there is no surprise, analyzed Friedman that the regional might reject the war, as it screens her own power.

For the peace researcher Jan Oberg, Vanunus shows the way:

He is right when he says that Israel’s nuclear weapons program should be the subject of international inspections and that Israel has no need for nuclear weapons.

It is very courageous vanunu to pronounce at a time against nuclear weapons in which the US has made their tactical use to the doctrine. It is now time for the European Union and others, calls above, "Not only to condemn Israel routinely, but to use concrete political and economic prere until this policy ends."

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