Alarm to sudwest german airport

Alarm to Sudwest German Airport

Terminal 3 of the airport Stuttgart. Photo: Nessquick. License: CC by 2.0 / DE

Moroccan investigators warned German

Currently, the accessories to the Sudwest German Airport Stuttgart, Friedrichshafen, Karlsruhe and Mannheim are controlled by heavily armed policemen equipped with bulletproof wesets. The MABs also involves the anti-terror-standing firm police BFE +. In Berlin, Munchen, Frankfurt, Hamburg and another six gross transport airport in the remaining federal territory, the Federal Police has the security forces "sensitized".

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer said noon to the airport alert today, the "attention" Be now "Safe increased at all airport", But concrete findings are merely to Stuttgart and "Share France". It was, according to the CSU politician, but "unwise to talk too much about it" and he wool "No alarmism", but "alertness".

The reason for the alarm was the information of the Bavarian Rundfunk after a warning of Moroccan investigators who were in the evaluation of chat protocols on tarpaulin for a suicide attack to an airport in the German-French border area. In connection with this warning, Germans and French investigators are looking for a woman and four manners.

father and son

At least two of them come from North Rhine-Westphalia and fell on both video recordings at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport as well as at the Stuttgart Airport, because they are the facilities "Apply systematically", Which "conscious". The Mercedes Sprinter Case Car with Aachener License Plate, with which you were traveling, is approved for a horded 48-year salafist of Moroccan descent, whose son becomes a circle of four suspicious.

Media reports, this now submerged Salafist is also considered to be danger, were now denied. For this, the HAFT announced that in connection with the suspicion this morning because of suspicion of the preparation of a serious state-hazardous violence to two house searches arranged by the public prosecutor’s Stuttgart in Baden and another two in North Rhine-Westphalia came.

Murder of tourists

Ask if the warning in Morocco is in a context of the murder of two Scandinavian tourists in the near the mountain Toubkal, Germans are not answered by German. For this dived on Twitter and other social media videos allegedly come from the fans. On one of them is to see how a young woman’s head is separated with a knife. The others show four e-acted suspicious, as they swore the loyalty to the IS-Kalie Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and tell him he "In the Maghreb soldiers", the "determined" be, "to maintain the matter of God and defend the honor of Muslims". In addition, they refer to Hajshin, the last of the IS dominated city in Syria outside the Jihadistenpreservat Idlib (cf. Will TRUPS change the jerking from Syria?To).

Gatwick rests and start aircraft

There are no evidence of the danger and their motives so far in the case of about 40 drrewing views at the London Airport Gatwick. There could not start or land from Wednesday evening until Friday morning. That this is going back in the meantime declared airport manager Chris WoodroFe with "Damage limiting measures" By police, militar and agitated, without calling details.

Minister of Transport Chris Grayling also confirmed the use only "Militarian technologies" as "Preliminary security". Its information is a disruption "as we have not seen her yet". That another state is behind it, however, "unlikely". According to Police Steve Barry, the drones are not hobby gates, but about such for one "Professional use". His information is currently determined in "Several directions". One of them is that OKO extremists "paralyze the airport and bring maximum disabilities into the pre-Christmas season" want.

Was it the goal of the tatter, possibly to spoil the immediate pre-Christmas time, they seem to have reached it: Alone yesterday could be far more than 100.000 people do not compete their planned travel. over 10.000 had to be on the airport landing, others stranded instead of in London in bads like Amsterdam and Paris, where machines had to dodge. Gluck in mischiefs had those passengers whose aircraft could land on the Nordosphere London Airport Stansted, where they had lifted the night flight ban.

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