Al qaeda double agents

With a secret CIA program in Penny Lane at Guantanamo, prisoners were detached with luxury and relaxed

It was really supposed to suspect that in Guantanamo the prisoners – the allegedly "Bossiest of the boses" – not only with verhab and torture were tracted to get information out of them, even if the information was more likely what you wanted to hate. Finally, each institution must prove its sense to survive. Anyone who gets the terror needs him too to justify his existence. The Guantanamo adhesives were not only held, it was also tried to make them double agents.

Al Qaeda double agents

Penny Lane. Image: Google Maps

For this, how AP reported, a separate, hidden area with some hat, which apparently remained a secret. He was called Penny Lane, the Beatles will thank the song Strawberry Fields had to serve anyway for Guantanamo anyway. Here, prisoners were trained or drilled by the CIA to go along "Terrorist" to identify, which were then killed with drones. That could also go wrong if the prisoners only love themselves. From a national perspective, it is monisted that merciful terrorists were kept at an unlimited period of time, but at the same time, however, there is certainly dangerous people to work for the CIA.

He had to do that of course in secret, not to provide unrest in Afghanistan / Pakistan and the US. In 2006, the program started in 2003 was set. Allegedly, many Al Qaeda members could be found and killed through the double agents, but some dismissed under. To turn it over, was taken care of for contents. So the hat were equipped with cakes, showers and TVs, the prisoners could also see porn. They also had real beds, not just flatbed.

According to statements of anonymous sources, though dozens of prisoners were curved, but only a few have been selected. Bad cards had those who were not really associated with terrorists / uptairs. They were of no value and had just bad luck, to be fixed and then to be paid to the boses that nobody wants to accept. The boses, which were promising as double agents, on the other hand, as a reward not only the freedom, but also money. How much is unknown because the CIA has black topffe, from which you paid informants. Amazing is how long it took until this information became known. There is easy too few whistleblowers who provide for transparency.

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