Against the elephant races: tiefensee customizes anti-traffic jam package

Against the elephant races: tiefensee customizes anti-traffic jam package

Berlin, 30. June 2008 – Which motorist does not know that: On a two-lane highway, it goes ahead for a while, but already at the first sight of three, four panties in poet episodes one takes best the fuv’s throttle and hold brake. The question is not whether one of the load-bearing is from the column, but blobed which. If it’s still a little uphill, it seems that "Elephant race" no longer end. At the weekend, Federal Minister of Transport Wolfgang Lake Tiefensee (SPD) has introduced a macaway package to get traffic jams.

Uberhallbot for trucks

The aim of the Minister is that trucks and cars are true less in the way: "On highly advanced highways, the trucks should use the right track, all other traces of the cars", calls deep lake. The track separation on highways, he liked to reach through strict uberhalbote for trucks, which should be detected this summer. According to the minister are of the total of 12.200 motorway kilometers in Germany 2500 sticking effect. At 1300 kilometers of this, the traffic is already electronically regulated, on the remaining 1200 kilometers, the countries are to be adopted quickly uberhallverbote. In addition, construction work on highways should be completed faster.

Howere toll in traffic

As a further means of compassion, the stripes on the highways should be released in the metropolitan areas as an additional track. In addition, Diefensee wants to squirm the truck toll after time. As a result, for example, Brummi Drivers, who are on the road between 6 and 9 o’clock on the road, should pay more than truck drivers, which are on the road between 9 and 15 o’clock. Less congestion should also reduce the gasoline consumption. Even in July, the Federal Cabinet should decide on the plan of the Minister.

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