Afghanistan: brutal cia shadow milizles

Afghanistan: Brutal CIA Shadow Milizles


The west and his Afghan composite dead more civilians than this Taliban and is doing

Recently, it is more or less official: In Afghanistan, more civilians are killed through attacks of the US militar and their Afghan composites these days than by Taliban and IS. At this end, the report from Unama (United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan). Accordingly, between January and Marz were at least 1.773 civilians killed or injured.

The UN reported by at least 305 deaths caused by US troops, Afghan army or CIA militias. The Taliban and other spatial groupings caused at least 227 deaths in the same period.

Overall and compared to the previous year, the number of civil victims was 23 percent back. In addition, this is a quarterly level since 2013. As a reason, Unama calls the decrease of suicide impact in coarse dates such as Kabul. In addition, according to the organization is unclear whether some warpies have become more responsive in dealing with civilians. The UN payment has been taking place since 2009.

But at the same time, the number of victims caused by government troops and US militar has increased by 39 percent compared to the previous year.

Alone through air raids, executed by conventional battle jets and drones, at least 140 civilians were killed. An escalating role also play with a nightly raids, which are designed not only by US soldiers and the Afghan army, but also of brutal CIA militias, which were created in the course of the war.

Examples of this are the so-called 02 unit, which is active mainly in the province of Nangarhar, as well as the Khost Protection Force (KPF) in the province of the East of the country.

For the long-term observer of the conflict, the numbers are anything but surprising. Not only in recent months, but also in 2017 and 2018, the "Anti terror"-Operations of the responsible stakeholders massively so that they could hardly be behind the payment of victims. In 2018, the US militar threw as many bombs over Afghanistan as never before.

In October, I interviewed several victims of a raid that had taken place in the rodate district in the province of Nangarhar. In that night, 14 civilians, including several children, were killed in Shaheedanu Meena village. From the government all victims were considered "Is-terrorists" stamped.

The 02 unit, the KPF and the CIA training

During the interviews, the villagers emphasized that such raids were now underway to everyday life. Responsible for the operations was the mentioned 02 unit committed by Afghan intelligence NDS and supported and trained by the CIA. Since the center of the militia is the airport of Dschalalabad, it operates mainly in the province of Nangarhar and has now obtained a ground-tired reputation there.

A militia that evenes a lot more brutal, is the Khost Protection Force (KPF), which is trained in the CIA-based Camp Chapman. At present, the KPF controls width parts of the province of Khost and is an important tool of the American "Anti-terrorist fight" near the Afghan-Pakistani border. To the tasks of militia are not only just a housefrazzias, which are often carried out together with US soldiers, but also the coordination of drone attacks as well as the hunt for journalists and human rights activists.

In this context, the youngest UNAMA report should not be eight eight, the organization pursued a very conservative methodology. Thus, at least three different sources are needed to confirm a single civilian victim. However, this is hardly possible in many secluded regions of Afghanistan.

Most of the venues of air and drone attacks as well as isolated Dorfer, which are the goal of CIA shadow males, are only rarely visited by journalists and human rights organizations, let alone western.

The exact opposite in coarse dates such as Kabul is the case, which often becomes the goal of suicide and other attacks. The contrain ratio of the source situation is therefore a problem that reflects in most reports.

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