Action accuses google misguide for privacy settings

Action accuses Google misguide for privacy settings

"Google promises user control and privacy. In practice, Google is a Voyeur Extraordinaire." This reproach raises a collection claim, which was entered on Tuesday at the Federal France Court for the North California. Monated that Google drove the users in the crash. The data group promises the users control over their data and specifically offer the possibility to prevent the recording of the web and app activities. But then data was collected.

Action accuses Google misguide for privacy settings

What exactly do these attitudes and what not?

Lever for the inexorable data collection is the software Development Kit (SDK) Firebase used for millions of apps. Apps with FireBase code has been registered every call to an app page while at least the URL of the page, the Referring Page (Referrer) and the name of the page (Title) report to Google Server. Google Zwing the app programmers virtually for the use of Firebase, because without FireBase there was neither access to Google Analytics nor Google’s advertising mediation. Also for the marketing of the app in Google’s Play Store Rule Firebase Forced.

"Thus, all requirements of content of the app for Google will be more accessible, collectable and usable – regardless of whether the user has excluded the approval of the collection and evaluation of this information", the application leaves. Google use the data to take billions by individual assignment of advertising circuits. Not only Android, but also numerous iPhone apps are affected.

Data is not free for rough app operators

L Unabridescence is that Google’s data collected via FireBase merely saves for the app operators, but not for own purposes. Because the operators were first received only superflat information. For detailed information about using your apps, you had to use services like Google’s Display Video 360. An annual subscription costs rough app operators in the US six-digit terms.

"That Google has such detailed data and as a hostage is proof that Google recalls consumer data predominantly for its own use and financial profit and collects", mean the two plaintiffs, a californian and a man from Florida. They apply for recognition as a collection claim for millions of affected as well as a jury procedure. A reaction of Google is not yet available.

Other complaints

The application also mentions promceeding, which the same law firm in a collection claim collected in June (Brown V. Google, US District Court Northern California, AZ. 5: 2020-CV-03664). There it is about data collection despite inkognito mode of Google Browser Chrome. In addition, a lawsuit collected in May from the US state Arizona against Google (Arizona V. Google, Arizona Sup. Ct., Az. 2020-006219) Refer. Accordingly, Google is intended to constantly try to determine the whereabouts of users, even if they have disabled Location Tracking.

The new process is called Anibal Rodriguez et al V. Google et al and is at the US Federal District Court for the Northern California under the AZ. 5: 20-CV-04688 attached.

  • Application Anibal Rodriguez et al V. Google et al (with faulty file number)
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