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At the afternoon passenger in the US city of Pittsburgh is tested by testing with self-propelled cars. The driving service mediator wanted to use the technology equally commercially, said land and boss Travis Kalanick the financial service Bloomberg. "It can not just go to science."People at the tax should supervise the rides. Thus, on the first provider self-propelled cars commercially relies in everyday life.

About this month brings the first to robot cars converted vehicles of the manufacturer Volvo to the Strain in Pittsburgh. Companies jointly stuck around $ 300 million (265 million euros) into the project as they announced yesterday. Volvo, part of the Chinese Geely Group, is scheduled to deliver around 100 SUV of the modelXC90 by the end of the year. Uber stressed, you also want to work with other manufacturers.

In addition, the start-up Otto buys the daily truck with technology for autonomous driving. Together, the companies could build "Ruckgrat" of an automated system for good commands, striking it in a blog entry of OTTO.

The company was founded at the beginning of the year of experienced experts, who had worked as far as Google, Apple and Tesla, among others. Behind the plan of Uber, also a logistics business with the good transport in self-propelled trucks build.

Uber and Otto did not provide information on the purchase price – but according to an informed person, the deal was heavy about $ 680 million, wrote around 680 million dollars Bloomberg. Anthony Levandowski, a coarse of Otto, who already played early playing an important role in Google’s robotic car project, should gradually lead the development of self-propelled cars on Google. The driving service broker then wants to open two more development centers.

Kalanick emphasized, he is about to leave Google not the field in self-propelled cars. The Internet giant has been testing robot cars since 2009 and now also sends the prototypes of an electric two-seater from their own development on the straws that can be used as robot taxis. When I recognized that Google also introduces to the driving service area, "we had to worry about an alternative," he said Bloomberg. To develop a self-propelled car is "Existential Important" for the service.

In Pittsburgh, the robot cars should be assigned the track just as randomly as common cars. The trips will be free. At the same time, they should be documented on video and also will make another Uber employee in the passenger seat as a "co-pilot" notes.

At the same time we want to become the caraker, ared Kalanick. Google is always supporting, the Group wanted to offer its technology established manufacturers. In a first project in this direction, 100 minivans of Fiat Chrysler are erupted with Google technology. Other manufacturers set to develop their own systems for autonomous driving. BMW and most recently also Ford fested for the year 2021 for the market introduction of their self-propelled cars. Most recently, a public accident with a driving assisted Tesla Electrov had a new security discussion. However, the manufacturer and industry experts emphasized that Teslas "Autopilot" assistance system does not make the vehicles to fully-fledged cars.

For his robotic car project, at first, about three dozen researchers of the University Carnegie Mellon had hired, which was very strong in the development of self-propelled cars. Meanwhile, several hundred experts worked on it.

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