“A shreds in front of the face …”

The Islamist’s process against GIMF activists in Austria also ensures discussions after the verdict

At the beginning of September 2007, several persons were arrested in Austria, which should have spread terrorist propaganda as creators of the "Global Islamic Media Front" (GIMF). Yesterday the defendant pair became Mohammed M. and Mona S. culse in all points. The judge stunted the defendants as a "conviction desser" and made up the pronounced impulsive penalties. However, the debates go on the allowance of computer monitoring and full-locking defendants. The judgments are not legal velocity, the involvement of higher instances is to be expected.

The process designed from the beginning of turbulent. The defendant Mona S. (21) with the main defendant Mohammed M. (22) After Islamic law is married, and according to own information "only" translator services made, wanted "from religious reasons" involuntable with the Niqab (a black facial veil, which lies open only the eye). The judge closed the from the process from head to Fub in black-made lady. The jury, he explained, had to see her girl game to be able to cancel her beleability rates. Judge Norbert Gerstberger made his decision with a paragraph of the Easter Rich Criminal Code, which states that accused at "uncomfortable behavior" Refer to the hall can be used. To what extent "unconscious behavior" is applicable to clothing stucco, but it is not progressed yet. Well possible, that the posthst of the high instance does not discard this.

The full-winding debate temporarily seemed to displace the actual indictment in public perception. The prosecutor threw Mohammed M. among other things, as a member of the al-Qaeda or "another international radical-islamist terrorist network" against the paragraph 278 StGB ("terrorist association") have violated. On the internet goods the execution of terrorism has been reduced, so the prosecution (cf. Bin Laden’s lung tube capped?To). Mohammed M. Have driving at the global Islamic media front (GIMF) – "also a terrorist association" – Integrated and a threatening video against the German and the Easter-Rich Government spread. His wife Mona S. Again, surprise services made him and comply with them.

The process was dealt with in a few days. Mohammed M fell. Through several wuit trap and executions on the "Holy War". The whole thing is a show process, so the accused that makes no secret from his dislike against the USA. But he ared to be against the tottion of innocent people, he had nothing to do with terrorism. Also Mona S. Pladged on "not guilty" and argued in a written statement that Journalists were surprised by terrorists embassies. In addition, she emphasized her innocence in front of "God". The judge quoted from the opinion: "God gave every human understood. But to make a real picture, man must know all versions of events."An" other version "of" US crew and war in Iraq "had passed on to her with her" news agency ", so the reasoning of the defendants. When the judge of defendants against process ends, despite full-cutting, to give a mouthful opinion, their words were hardly lacking. Finally, the judge invited: "Someone is relatively heavy lacking, who has a shred of face". The handling-language east-rich word "shreds" means cloth, garment. Gerstberger then rowed back: "I am ready to back up if there is someone offended"

Mohammed M. yesterday after multi-stuncy jury consultation was sentenced to four years imprisonment, mona s to 22 months absolutely convicted. The possible highstrings had been up to 10 years after the terrorist paragraph. As a moldering, the previous carefree and the age of the defendants were evaluated. The judgment is not final. Observers expect the corridor in higher instances. The defender of the couple, lawyer Lennart Binder, described the indictment "as a joke" and the judgments as an expression of "xenophobia".

Whatever the cause will continue, there are two aspects that should be discussed by the specific case in an independent basis: Europe-wide relocation, whether full swinging to court should be possible or not. There are different collectors across Europe and often nor unambiguous regulations. It is certainly about socio-political scores. Is the Burka or facial clipping a symbol of the vacuum of the woman, as not only many politicians of different camps, but also made Muslims? And should these clothing stucco be banished from the public (especially from jurisdiction)? Where are the limits of personal freedom?

On the other hand, the sensitive question is to what extent that the relief of computer data is indispensable and consistently compatible with western segregation from the Burgerrecht on Privacy. After segregation of the Easter-rich data protection of Hans Zeger, who was attended by the defense for the purpose of court, the procedure of the Easter Rich investigators have been more than doubtful. The relief of the computers of the defendants is without sufficient legal basis, argued the defender. As this monitoring designed, an investigation officer explained: one has about M.’S Internet telephony accheres and a program installed on his computer, the "every 60 seconds a screenshot to the overwaxed". A legal protection officer meant in court that the procedure was correct. In the first instance, the legalism of the funds used was finally recognized.

Certain doubts still remain. And in people who are concerned about the preservation of burger rights, the alarm bells, when the Easter Minister of Interior Gunther Platter now takes this case once again to the occasion, again, again, the legal framework for the controversial online search "Definitely and as fast as possible" demand.

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