A party to dismantle the parties

Interview with Jorg Gastmann, the Federal Chairman of the DDP

The German Democratic Party (DDP), unlegally, reported to the news that she is the proposal of the Pirate Party "Total monitoring of all parties" Not only agrees, but even "go far over him" want. An occasion for us, in an interview with the Federal Chairman Jorg Guermal to Errefertern.

Mr. Gastmann, her party wants to scare the legal corruption by limiting the deputy mandates to four years. Did not pretend the greats in the 1980s, as such a pretent in air tries out, because structurally determines the most power-conscious personalities in the parties? Jorg Gastmann: First of all, I am looking forward to the term you are using "Legal corruption". As among other things, LobbyControl and Transparency International show, Germany has indeed a massive problem with "Conflicts of interest", The fleeing in corruption over. Since both of the advisory director, lawyer mandate Et cetera can be obscured very slightly, one recognizes corruption most clearly by the "Cui bono"-Principle: Who benefits from political decisions that damage the majority of the population? Albrecht Muller said you in the interview: "Alone with the paid bonuses you can buy one of our parties several times". As far as the grunes are concerned, I hold them next to the left for the Bundestag Party with the slightest corruption problem – after all! The task of the rotation principle is only one of many examples in which makes the greats forgot their good intentions. Very good to the point, this has its author Reinhard Jellen in his interview with Pascal Beucker and Anja Kruger:

After the 1998 Bundestag election, the green, among other things, supported the following decisions: the bombing of Serbia, the reduction in peak tax and corporate tax in a hitherto unknowledged MAB, the complete tax exemption of the profits in the sale of companies and parts of companies, the reduction of the pension level and the importation from Hartz IV. Dafur has become nothing from the medium-term exit from the nuclear energy.

The DDP promises in your program "Partition" among other things, the limitation of the mandates to 4 years to prevent ropes or to prevent membership of the Burger’s interests by taking themselves with the consequences of the laws that they may have demonstrated. Should we come to the position to convert our promises as legislators, and then we should break our promises, you have to displace us. So, as the Wahl should consistently displace any party that breaks your promises. Jorg Gastemann quite interesting seems to explain their proposal to explain to judicial and administrative posts with party memberships for incompatible. But this was not just the spread of informal "Circle" drove as it gives them into the broadcasting bodies? Jorg Gastmann: With a statutory incompatibility of party memberships and judicial items, the separation of legislative and judiciary are finally completed. And if you could make career only without a party book in the public service, a mass exodus from the item procurement parties would be the result. If one draws the quarter-million mandate carriers of the parties as well as the careerists, these parties shrink to their real accessories – an interesting performance. The answer to your question, as instead, police-promoted, court-promised, high judges, head of the prosecutors, et cetera are chosen in the DDP program area "Folk". As well as federal proseceors, Chancellor, ministerial prospects, burgermeister, public broadcaster chefs, German EU commissioners and, above all, fishing rulers were chosen directly from the burgers who live in the scope of these positions. In public election procedures with candidate performances such as Z.B. This is feasible in US district prosecutors. Media and Wahler were previously critical to the candidates. Of course, this was not perfect, but a significant progress towards today’s clamping principle. Another point with which you want to encounter democracy change mechanisms that have inflicted political practice in 60 years is the obligation to submit the party book after acceptance of a mandate. Do not potentially bring the disadvantage that the individual deputy strong lobby temptations could be exposed, as is the case in the USA? Jorg Gastmann: The lobbying problem of US deputies is therefore so rough, because direct mandates are very often decided by election campaign budgets. In Germany, on the other hand, first votes are also awarded almost exclusively after party shareholder. Lobby temptations as US direct candidates are therefore less. It is well known that lobbying uses more about specialized experiences and peaks. Like the Bundestag MP Marco Bulow in his book we posted Abnicker, Nothing MPs on everything you do not forget to harm your career. Bundestagsprasident Lammert defended the system that Members have to confidence in decisions on ies in which they do not know about their colleagues. Due to the mentioned description of mandates to 4 years, such career motifs did not give it. To ban the faction force is meaningless because you can not check it. So the program of the DDP contains the elimination of the problem caused. Each deputy loses his party shareholder at the moment he is elected in a mandate. Then only party pilot sit in parliament. Consequently, there were no political groups, no coalitions and no opposition more, but free deputies that decide freely for 4 years and then return to true life. Were then informal, secret political groups so prohibited as in the economy cartelle? I ask this because this example indicates that such a ban could not be of very coarse practical value … Jorg Gastmann: Such a ban also looks at the DDP as meaningless. Therefore, our approach to lobbying addressees can not be thrived through a combination of males. First, through the 4-year mandate limitation, on the one hand, the lobbyist lacks the time to build long-term ties to Members, and on the other hand, there is no long-term career, which makes them particularly consistent with it. Second, the automatic party peiliness leads to a total power loss of today’s party and political bodies. 622 independent deputies that can decide freely are for the 1.400 lobby connections in contrast to the few members of today’s kungelrunden as good as not to handle. Third, we want a strict ban of any additional activity. And fourth, we want to implement all demands of Transparency International and LobbyControl, among other things, the corruption can finally be punishable for deputies. How expensive it became for taxpayers, if items will be awarded through general elections instead of dominated committees dominated by parties? Jorg Gastmann: Democracy may be a cost ie? In its Hartz IV ruling, the Federal Scarring Court represents that we have a welfare state and the rule of law. Inconse important and desirable things fail on money shortage. How can that be in such a rich country as Germany? This leads to (according to the topic of labor market) second-pectacular program point of the DDP: tax system and public finances. The DDP wants to abolish today’s taxes and replace it through a real sales tax. 2008 were in Germany in high 5.412 billion euros VAT deductible. With the control system of the bandwidth model we free the policy from your financial powerlessness. A higher sales tax burdened low earners much stronger because their consumption rate must be much closer to 100 percent. Is that fair? Jorg Gastmann: Only then a problem if we only turned back and over the screws of today’s system. However, we set the system from the head to the mouse and free people from their submission among the labor market. Instead, we submit the labor market to man – and all. We achieve this with the bandwidth model, the BBM. In it we manage all today’s taxes and replace them through a real tax on revenues, similarly to the existing US Sales Tax. It moves in a bandwidth between a high and a low set. The crucial factor is above all the employment intensity. The more domestic employees in the event of domestic sales leads a company on the salary list, the lower their sales tax rate. Within a defined bandwidth: the more employees a company sets, the cheaper are his products because the additional personnel costs are lower than the tax savings. The only thing you can discontinue from the tax are workplaces if they are well paid. Who wants to do business, must provide work in the same country. At 5.4 trillion euros purchasing power at the German internal market is worthwhile. For this we only need two laws. Revolution by tax law, you could say. In this respect may be typical German, but other countries can, among other things, be the problems poverty, unemployment, pension and public debt. The prere prere is gigantic, and the DDP offers an indeed unique solution. We are thus putting the claim "Will be more unproductive!" by Thomas Mayer um – after all, Chief Volkswirt of Deutsche Bank. We dose the productivity and eliminate the main causes of unemployment and low-level resources, which, for example, Konstated Jeremy Rifkin. We create justice through participation of all people at value chip, instead of turning in retrospect alms. The BBM does not burden low earners because there is no low income in BBM first, and secondly, the cost structure is such that the price level could remain the same. Logical consequence of the BBM are Swiss ratios: much higher income and the price level that gives the mass purchasing power. It is also to be considered that in our tax system the taxes among other things on regenerative energies, education, culture, construction services, health services and agricultural products (auber biosprit) are 0 percent and the public transport is free. Also rent and real estate prices we have in mind. Overall, the cost of living sink. If there is no minimum earners, what about the receptionists from transfer payments? Jorg Gastmann: Let’s look at the actual situation of the large group of Transfer Receiving: Today, around 24 million full-time workers pay for 20.4 million pensioners in the pension fund, part-time workers as good as nothing. 1 pensioners had to live from the pension contribution of around 1.2 workers. That’s impossible. So the state pushes 78 billion euros of federal subsidy. That’s money he does not have. And out, according to the pension insurance report of the German Bundestag, an actual pension (beyond alleged survey results) of averaging only 982 euros. A West German average pensioner is a case with only 498 euro pension a case for social welfare office, but does not go because in Germany auxiliary exercise is considered a shame. Since 2003, the pensions fall due to lack of inflation compensation. Added to this is an ever-friendly working world as the main cause of the birth prere. The generation of my 12-year-old Son has to renew approximately 2 pensioners per workplace in 30 years, while the sovereign debt, which have risen 60 years of non-stop, are structurally continued to rise. And for 2050, the Federal Ministry of Finance has calculated a federal subsidy of 80 percent of the Federal budget. Today’s pension system is obviously a misconception without a future. Chancellor Merkel said: "Who knows how to successfully meet the demographic change, I am coming". In the second-degree group transfer receivers, the ALG-2 members, situation and perspectives are not better. The DDP offers the elections a new way. We free the work of 44 percent social security contributions. With the capital contribution of the bandwidth model, the financial needs of unemployment insurance decreases to a MAB, which is irrelevant in the light of government revenue. ALG 1 is in our program at least 1.500 Euro plus housing allowance, and ALG 2 at 600 Euro plus housing allowance, funded by our tax system. We finance the pensions with 3 soule. First column is a minimum deity of 2.000 Euro from the state budget, which preserved today’s pensioners. Second Saule are private stock savings accounts that people deposit 10 percent of their income. Our program "Financial market rules" shows how we u.a. For this reason, free the German stock market of speculation. The main recipient of the pension is again the bandwidth model, through the company as a control model also placing people on salary lists that they do not need production technology. To this "absent workers" Accounting students, invalid, laborious and also pensioners. Points 3 to 6 of our workstation program show the details. With "absent workers" all hard, the philosophy "Who does not work, must remain arm" have internalized. So z.B. The CDU member DR. Carsten Linnemann, whom I introduced the concept in July 2010. He was an opinion with me in the analysis of existential problems of our society, but strictly against an income of 2.000 Euro for people who do not need the labor market. The fetish work and the philosophy of the mistrust are unfortunately widespread, but can not be an argument in a system in which more and more employment is rationalized.


How exactly do you want to free the German stock market of speculation? Jorg Gastmann: The exploitation of action needs, together, solution and effects is too extensive for the framework of such a wide range of interviews. Therefore, in short: we replace today’s boren system through 33 simple financial market rules, which are, of course, only in the Federal Republic of Germany. On the NYSE, the LSE and other foreign borsen, the concept had no direct but a massive indirect influence. After the motto "The worm must taste the fish, not the anglers" First of all, the question is who is crucial. Prerequisite are initially the Wahlers who hire a party to free our society from the Wurgeware of the Ribbon Borsen. However, the current and shareholders’ meetings of the share companies are crucial. They decide alone at which Borsenplatz their company is listed. So it has to be more attractive than other locations. Starting suffering from a static short-term yield prere, which hovers them as a low-rise sword over them. Ex-SAP Chef Kagermann formulated this with his sentence: "We are driven". No more driven to be more attractive for imports as our programpoint to abolish the income tax. The sharears we offer with our concept not only a tax oasis, in which the profits of all companies are tax-free. In addition, we take you the worry of sudden losses, due to extremely slow price movements. We eliminate speculation by coupling the value of shares to the actual value of the company. For this purpose, the German Prufstelle valued for accounting the stock corporations so, as hours they for sale. This is concrete: Investment enhanced plus circulation enhanced including receivables minus liabilities equal. Added to this is the value of the day economy – monthly ruling in the form of sales of the last 60 months. This gives the company sales value. Divided by the number of shares, the share price. All shares are registered shares that the Federal Ministry of Economics in a database. Shares in companies are only possible through registered shares. Derivatives are legally irrelevant and not a property of shares. As a liquid buyer, the German pension insurance federation as the administrator of the stock savings accounts of fine pensioners buys all shares that are available. A consequence are price movements in extremely flat curves, free of manipulation and psychology. Without the possibility of short-term course breaks, the motive attributes for short-term oriented business policies. Consequence are significantly higher yields in the long term than to foreign berth. In combination with the already described tax oase of Germany and tax-free income is to be expected that not only the German companies in Germany remain noted, but in bulk foreign companies relocate their central and quotations to the location Germany. The only way for foreign countries to prevent the exodus is the copy of the German system. And again a world revolution by a spring. Why have you named yourself after the German Democratic Party? Whose program in the Weimar Republic is clearly different from the planes set out here … Jorg Gastmann: In the sense of the French proverb "Tradition does not hire the ashes to keep the flame on the burning" Let’s understand ourselves as modern artists of the main spirit of the DDP of 1918. If you ask yourself the question of which program the land of the DDP was represented today, the probably our program today came to the next. On our history page, among other things, one election poster of 1919, whose targets are almost identical to today’s goals. Especially suitable is the quote mentioned on the history page "The economy is our destiny" of the DDP interior minister Walther Rathenau. DDP co-agent Albert Einstein formulated wisdoms that are created for our program today, so z.B. "A really good idea can be recognized by the fact that your realization of the outer appears excluded" or "In order to be an impeccable member of a flock of sheep, one must be a sheep". The tradition of the DDP is also the parallels of origin and redemption. The last Monarch Germany was just toted by the throne 7 days before the first time of the DDP. A plethora injustice and social crowdings had stalled and screamed for a new beginning. Just like today. Also we stand for a real new beginning with a real system change. The reason for differences to the then program is above all by other circumstances. At that time there was no global labor cost competition, no automation, no demographic change, no peak oil, no lobby-controlled "System media", No system-related perspectivity of youth, no dubbing absurd financial markets, no such social commasse, no obliting EU, no such auberpolitic power concentration and so on. Today we offer new solutions for today’s problems. Since their constitution, they have been united with three small parties and negotiating three more. A retrievable plan for overriding FUNF percent hurde? Jorg Gastmann: So far we spoke with 26 of the 113 party registered parties. I got to know nice people flying to Mars, transported from Helium-3 to Earth and playing the world with globe pile atomic reactors. Or people who want to decide on any acquisition of burlists for the radical base democratically. Others want to jump on the Sarrazin train or impose a unity religion to all people, forced labor for unemployed, the gold binding of preservation, free economy, a ban on meat production or electricity from the socket. Many have good intentions and legitimate demands, but no answer to the question of how they want to finance their goals, implement, or achieve majorities in elections. The same is the same as the landscape of small parties is quite heterogeneous, so that associations are extremely rare. I myself was the primary of the strategy party and have my first "infant" unsubscribed in the Federal Electoral Leader when I was the DDP. Our way on the 5% hurde we want to try in Rhineland-Palatinate in 2011 and above all in Berlin. Is another. We focus on the critical, even thinking avant-garde of the Wahler, the Early Adopters of new ideas. In concentric circles we want to achieve more and more people. Our way corresponds to the Chinese saying: "The man who discouraged the mountain was the same who had begun to carry small stones away". The mountain, whom we try to take, is the mountain of prejudices, our present system is alternative, or the anti-democratic oligopol of the 5 gross parties must not suspend free competition for the best ideas. The consequences of the solidified oligopole describe Hartwig bogeholz with "Germany’s political class is at the end" and Florian Rotzer with "Visions does not offer the political parties". We do. With the DDP, the WAHLER finally has an alternative to power orientation through wurstel politics. It is meaningless if you do not make anything meaningful with her wife. Our "Unique"-Page shows what we can. Whether we get a chance, mainly depends on the public perception. And there is Victor Hugo in the game: "Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come."

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