“A further painful way”

International Press Prize for Online Journalist from Malaysia

The Committee for Protecting Journalists (Committee to Protect Journalists – CPJ) gives on 21. November in New York the Tenth International Press Freedom Award. One of the four pricing is the online editor Steven Gan, whose publications are awarded Malaysiakini (Malaysia: Now). Steven Gan is co-agent and publisher of Malaysiakini, the first commercial online newspaper, and thus one of the pioneers who see a path in the use of the Internet to bypass political restrictions and censorship.

The classic media are governed by state in Malaysia, immediately prohibited from the official line divergent publications. Prior to Malaysiakini in November 1999, GaN was the Malaysian daily newspaper Thesun, whose editors often did not dare from political opportunism to print his contributions. In 1995 he led a team of journalists who revealed the death of 59 inmates of a certificate of inquiry. as "The Sun" refused to print the report, he continued the story of human rights activists. 1996 Sab him because of a report on Osttimor – ready for the Second Asia Pacific Conference – five days in the custody and was analyzed by Amnesty International to the Prisoner of Conscience. Goose award was hardly considered by the line-ray journalistic mainstream Malaysia, let alone gambled.

Nevertheless, the price for Malaysia’s opposition drivers is the proof that something moves. But, but not least because of the self-center of most media, still one "Continue painful way until Malaysia’s burger can breathe the air of freedom", So Lim Kit Siang in Malaysiakini. The fight for press freedom is not yet lost, among other things thanks Steven Gan.

Mahathir Mohamad, since 18 years of Malaysian ruler, wants to move the former British colony Putrajaya to Asian Silicon Valley. Which completely crosslinked with fiber optic cables, supermodern high-tech zone should become the monument for the progressiveness of Malaysia. Mahathir relies on the Internet. Since he speculates investments in his coarse multimedia cridor, the prime minister promised four years ago not to censor the network. So far, he has actually waived censorship here and so – because of economic interests – the Internet in Malaysia the only possibility of free community and government criticism.

The Site of the 36-year-old Steven Gan Malaysiakini excellent with the International Press Freedom Award has daily more than 100.000 visitors. The other price brags are Celjko Kopanja from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Modest Motinga from the Congo and Mashalla Shamsolvezin from Iran. When he asked the year’s prices, the chairman of the "Committee to Protect Journalists", Gene Roberts: "We honor these journalists for their gross courage. Brave are they standing on in the fight against tyrants who do not allow free discussion who want to hide corruption that want to stop the world of testifying their tanks. You inspire us all".

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