80 Years ago: mercedes in speed rush

Stuttgert, 17. October 2016 – 80 years ago, Rudolf Caracciola brought a speed record for Daimler-Benz with 372,102 km / h. Overall, the Grand Prix European Champion of 1935 Funf Existing International Class Board Records of Class B for vehicles with 5 to 8 liters of displacement.

In the 30s, they were still firmly believed in the technology transfer from the racetrack to the strain and the enthusiasm for car racing was as coarse as Formula 1 today only dreams. Since the 1934 introduced 750 kg formula were record rides a solid and very popular component of the racing calendar. In 1936 was a special date for Daimler-Benz, in which one publicly celebrated himself as a now 50-year inventor of the automobile.

Press invitation to the "tire test"

In addition, an event, to which the journalists on the 26th. October 1936 was invastless to "tire experiments" trips. Last but not least, the location on the Frankfurt-Heidelberg motorway, today’s A5, dear Sophisticated colleagues among the engine journalists.

What she saw was new: The car had a streamlined body with fully cladding. Before that were record attempts with disguised racing cars and modified bodywork. Only for record rides designed the record car uses the chassis of the first "silver arrow" racing trolley W 25. The body is unfamiliar flat, the rader integrated, an idea of the young designer Josef Muller, who was allowed to bring his insights into wind tunnel attempts.

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