5G frequencies: t-mobile usa is retained in record auction

5G frequencies: T-Mobile USA is retained in record auction

The auction of US Frequency use rights in the range 3.7 to 3.98 GHz is officially completed: 21 companies pay a total of $ 81.169 billion As much money, the US regulatory workers FCC has not yet been eliminated with mobile radio frequency auction.

The money laves in the US auction of 5G frequencies had already signed after the first auction phase. At that time, it was determined which bidder in which geographic regions receive how much spectrum. Now it has also been decided which exact frequency ranges go to which successful bidders. On Wednesday, the US regulatory worker FCC announced the result.

As shows, two corporations take home the highest part of the frequency rights: Verizon must for 3.511 Licenses 45.5 billion dollars. ATT gets for 23.4 billion dollars 1.621 licenses. T-Mobile has participated in relatively recovery and must raise $ 9.3 billion for its 142 licenses.

2015 was more expensive, but less

Of 57 participants, a total of 21 bidders have bought at least one license, 26 are empty, including the sharing network operators charter and comcast. DISH has just secured a single license, which costs $ 2.5 million. The winners have four weeks to transfer the 81.2 billion dollars.

The previous auction record in the US dates from 2015 and is $ 44.9 billion. At that time 1.600 licenses for a total of 65 MHz spectrum spectrum by 1.7 and 2.1 GHz for twelve years. This time it is 5.684 licenses for a total of 280 MHz spectrum for 15 years. Per megahertz and year, the average price was higher six years ago, the absolute sum lower.

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