50 Percent gruntrom in january

50 percent gruntrom in January

The energy and climate weekend: dishonest Merkel, house searches, coarse nouns nuclear power and record conventional

What is expected of the new government in terms of energy and climate policy? For the time being, this remains an open question, because even if Union and SPD should have agreed on a coalition agreement after the editorial deadline, it is by no means clear whether this farm is also concluded.

First, the SPD base has to absorb the package if you may. And if the SPD members should actually be tailored to the rough coalition, the approval is anything but certain how the outside scarce approval was shown to take up the congress on the party congress.

However, as is, in some, what is expected of the potential Government Merkel IV, one would rather refrain from, including the threatened energy policy. If the unwilling partners had to be astonished in the declaration of exploratory protection, to conceal their goodbye to climate protection, then on Saturday after the conclusion of the corresponding chapter in the coalition contract of the Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks was released to inform the press that Germany is expected to provide the climate protection objective for 2020 miss.

Honorary goods have been when Angela Merkel had conceded this, which is injustice for years – completely wrong – as a rough Vorchmferin for climate protection has made. Or at least one had liked to be of Sigmar Gabriel, who had once formulated the goal together with Merkel as Vice Chancellor and Environment Minister 2007. But so much honesty does not apparently do not suggest any of the first row to electives.

So now it will be nothing more until 2020 to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent towards the level of 1990, as promised and presented to all over the world as Germany (supposed) pioneering role. Currently it is just under 29 percent, but in the next two or three years, only a few percentage points will be added at best.

In addition to a complete disease in the transport sector, which even emits a little more greenhouse gases today, when it was the case in 1990, this is mainly at the ratio of potential governing parties to the energy companies. They are simply unwilling old coal-fired power plants in the necessary pace and outbreak.

That would be possible in the face of the ever-increasing UK capacity without further ado. This winter, for example, the hard coal and gas-fired power plants are particularly well utilized, while the particularly greenhouse gas intensive lignite power plants, just shut down, if it is no longer different.

On the other hand, these mostly low efficiency systems were shut down, not only saving a lot of village, greenhouse gases were avoided. No other power plant type stobs so much carbon dioxide per generated kilowatt hour of electricity.

House search

Meanwhile, the diesel scandal is obviously not a lot. Yesterday’s Tuesday, there was re-house searches for various employees of AUDI AG. Among other things, the weekly newspaper writes the time on your internet prison.

The prosecutor Munchen II, which leads the investigation, reported, a private apartment in Baden-Wurttemberg as well as Buro and business chambers in Ingolstadt and in Neckarsulm searched.

In the focus of the investigation "The use of technical devices for manipulating exhaust values in V6-3 liter diesel engines, which were intended for the European sales market". It deals with at least 210.000 from 2009 on both sides of the Atlantic vehicles sold.

Determined against 14 persons, but under no current or former board members of the VW subsidiary. There is a suspicion of fraud and punishable advertising. However, because of the same facts, there are also a bub money procedure against previously unknown Audi.

According to time, there had been house searches for six technicians and engineers from Audi for a week before. A former boss of Audi engine development and Porsche development board are the only accused to continue to investigate. According to the Berlin daily mirror, Wolfgang Hatz, who was arrested in September 2017. A detention complaint is currently at the Higher Regional Court Munchen, so the time.

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