16 Dead in cairo

… and terror warning in Thailand

In the Egyptian capital Cairo yesterday at an arson attack on a night cam at least eleven manners and fun women came around. Three more people were injured. The attack was carried out with Molotowcocktails, the motorcyclists on the entrance of the basement bar El-Sayad in central and located on the Nil district Agusa. Due to the basement and lack of emergency expansion, 16 guests and employees could not be used in time and died in the flames. Some of the bodies are so burned so that the identity findings only with DNA tests.

Initially, many media amed that it is – also because of the "sin" Target – is a terrorist attack by Islamists. According to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, however, is mainly determined against a former employee of the restaurant and against two young manners, which should have been very angry because they did not fall into the rope of the bar.

The fact that the three unavailable tatter performed the act with motorcycles, but also reminds of an Islamist attack of 28. November, in which masked Kradfahrer took 35 kilometers of Cairo a police post under fire and four civil servants totled. For the attack two days later the terrorist group of Islamic State (IS). Such followed with motorcycles had previously given it in January 2015, in December 2014 and in May 2014.

Overall, since 2013, as the Islamist head of state of State, I came down to Muhammed Mursi, hundreds of policemen and soldiers. Many of them died on the Sinai Peninsula, which is only partially under the control of the regulators. Here, the terrorist group Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis, which joined the Islamic State (IS) in November 2014, on 31. October a bomb aboard a Russian tourist airplane smuggling, the 224 people in the death tore. Two is a hotel on a hotel in the Sinaiskadt Al-Aric died on 24. November at least ten people, seven more were injured.

Russian intelligence warns Thai police

In Thailand, another popular destination of Russian tourists, the Russian secret service woves the police in ten Syrians in October in October with IS connections, which explores his information on goals for Contributions, where many Russians are likely to come around. Two of the Syrians should be in the capital Bangkok, four in the seaside resort of Pattaya and two on the holiday island of Phuket, which lies opposes the village of Krabi, in the Michel Hoeuellebecq in his 2001 published Roman platform a stop of Islamist fanatics to take tourists on tourists.

On the 17th. August 2015, a bomb died that had mutably a tatter from the Middle East, in Bangkok 20 people. 125 were injured at that time. The Thailand agents now want to check all Syrians, who since the 1. October. Also the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Stop plane for plausible because it is his information "definitive" Tight connections between Jihadists in Syria and Sudostasien. UNODC Regional Director Jeremy Douglas therefore calls for Thailand to work closer with its neighboring countries in terrorist fighting.

The fact that the IS is particularly eye-catching as goals is because Russia has been involved in the anti-terrorist fight in Syria since the end of September. Although the Land was accused of western side to focus on the validation with the is rival Islamist groups, the caliphous troops (which were shortly before, despite the air raids of the US anti-IS coalition, in the offensive were), have been a bit Gallery booked – for example, Hasaka and west of Palmyra. Could have helped that the Russians also bombarded Oltransports and thus spurt the revenue of the terrorist group (cf. Illegal ol selling around half of the house).

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