13 Percent of poland believe that jews use the blood of christian children for secret rituals

Prejudices and conspiracy theories are not weak, but strong

The center for the exploration of prejudices at the University of Warsaw has about thousand Poland surprise what they think about Jews. Compared with a survey four years ago, the results suggest that prejudices and conspiracy theories in the Eastern European country are not weaker, but stronger.

For example, 18 percent of Poland agrees to the assertion that Jews contributed responsibility for the death of the Christian religious student Jesus, which – if supervised around 2000 years ago,. These are funf percent more than 2009. 53 percent reject this statement explicitly. Four years ago, the proportion of this group was still 66 percent.

13 percent now affirm the assertion that Jews use the blood of Christian children for secret rituals. In 2009, only 10 percent of this segment. At that time, the 46 percent was explicitly for nonsense, today it is only 35 percent. How many Poles believe that Jews remarked on Monday theft of blood relic of the Polish Pope John Paul II. stuck, it was not determined because the survey already took place before.

13 percent of Poland believe that Jews use the blood of Christian children for secret rituals

So Hartmann Schedel in 1493 introduced himself a ritual murder

Despite these increases, Michal Bilewicz, the supervisor of the survey, shows that the combination of anti-Semitism and Catholicism had become weaker. He notes that the statistical relationship between regular church visit and anti-Semitism. For example, churchgangers rises the rejection of homosexuals, according to Bilewicz, the Jews partially declare as an enemy picture.

If you ask the Poles out of the religious prejudice, then anti-Semitism becomes even more visible more easily: with 67 percent, for example, about two-thirds believe that Jews want to overgrieve their world political influence and 44 percent are even thinking that the Jews seek world domination.

The same percentage auberbert remarkably the catch, the Jews and their propaganda are to blame when the world believes that the Poland is anti-Semites. In contrast to this allegation, despite the requested attitude, the Hollywood movie led to the Hollywood movie in 2009 Defiance to protests because he was Polish anti-Semitism in the Second World War, in 2011, the historian Jan Gross was confronted with a shitstorm, because in a book based on numerous sources, as Poland reached himself at the Holocaust, and in 2013, the Polish folk maze met the second German Television that is in the three-piece Our mothers, our fathers had procured with the topic.

The far coarse proportion of trans-religious anti-Semitism is explained by the fact that a faith over the generations is partially adopted new manifestations. His Trager then though, they had over-wound the folk Catholic worldviews of their ancestors, but they were structurally similar political religions, which are often highly eschatologically protected and emphasizing alleged conspiracies or apocalyptic signs of a speedy downfall.

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