Zwitter: the diesotto motor of mercedes-benz

Zwitter: the diesotto motor of mercedes-benz

Stuttgart, 25. July 2007 – Powerful such as a gasoline, torque-sharp and economical as a modern diesel and extremely clean: The benefits of the two types of engine types wants to combine Mercedes-Benz in a so-called diotto drive based on a gasoline engine. This is possible, inter alia, by direct injection, turbo upload, variable compression, variable valve drive, and a hybrid module with integrated starter generator. The core of innovation is space-firing, a highly efficient, the diesel similar burning process. In contrast to comparable developments, the system does not require synthetic fuel, but ride with commercial gasoline.

Gasoline so sparingly like diesel

"Our aest goal is to make the gasoline as economical as the diesel. All necessary requirements for Dafur offers our diotto concept, in which gasoline and diesel introduce their best properties, "explains prof. Dr. Herbert Kohler, Head of Corporate Research Preliminary development Vehicle body and drive as well as DaimlerChrysler’s Environmental Financial. He also says: "Parallel to the global success of modern diesel drive vehicles with gasoline engines will remain attractive in many market and for many customers in the long term. Therefore, we dedicate our attention to both engine types – including an unrestricted hybrid option for diesel and gasoline."

238 hp at 1.8 liters of displacement

The purpose of the construction of the new engine was primarily to make the gasoline as economical as a diesel. The result of this "wedding under the hood" is a four-cylinder with 1.8 liters capacity, a capacity of 238 hp and a maximum torque of 400 Newton meters. Together with a non-closely described "hybrid component", this engine should consume in a car "with the comfort and safety level in the format of today’s S-Class" less than six liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

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