Zf takes over electronics manufacturer cherry

The automotive supplier ZF Friedrichshafen superspire US Cherry Corporation, which is known for computer users, for example, as a manufacturer of keyboards. In addition, the company, based in Pleasant Prairie at Chicago, is also supplier of components for the automotive industry, for example mechatronics modules, sensor assemblies, control switches, election lever modules and keyless-entry electronics.

In 1953 Cherry Corporation has around 3100 employees worldwide, half of them in Germany with headquarters in Auerbach between Nurnberg and Bayreuth. In North America around 900 employees are busy, in Asia 250, in Eastern Europe around 400. Last year, the company set around 400 million US dollars (250 million euros), 65 percent of them were generated in Europe.

Cherry, according to ZF, continued as a defensive business field ZF Electronics GmbH. Information on the purchase price did not make companies. The company benefit still requires the approval of the antitrust. Peter Cherry, former owner of the electronics company and at the same time CEO, rally accepted from the operational business.

With the supersence of Cherry, ZF wants to sharpen its competence profile in the field of mechatronics and electronics, the ZF CEO Hans-Georg Harter explained: "Especially for our future tasks in the drive and suspension technology, we can use Cherry’s know-how well."

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