Zf returns the eight-speed automatic for dodge ram

Zf returns the eight-speed automatic for dodge ram

Friedrichshafen, 17. April 2012 – If in a new one "Full-size truck" How the Dodge RAM is retrained exports, as sparingly he is recently, there is a risk of involuntary comic. But not from the point of view of US motorists: You do not want to leave your trucks as long as it still allows the fuel prices. In North America, a decent truck in some areas is so self-reliable as us a compact golf class. A consumption reduction of more than 20 percent compared to the transaction is a welcome argument. The gear manufacturer ZF also contributes to a contribution, with the eight-speed automatic of the type 8hp.


Several properties of automatic use to reduce consumption. The eight course, first of all, allow a wide spread of the road, so that the Dodge RAM can be operated with a long translation without the need for a rough speed lung. This is, of course, requirement for use engines with a smaller displacement. In addition, ZF has implemented a new wheelset concept at 8HP and the "Gear efficiency" Improved – Say that reduces inner friction. Further advantages are lower towing losses in the transmission as well as "Optimized force flow", Since only two switching elements per speed are always open.

An even self-relevant function for a switchgautomat is the start-stop function. It is realized in the 8hp using a hydraulic pulse storage (HIS). In principle, this is a spring piston store, which is tranned during the driving with OLT and spanned a spring. This reserve is returned from the spring at the engine start lightning fast back into the hydraulic. In this way, the vehicle is already 350 milliseconds after starting the engine driving.

Gang quadriply

Chrysler markets the ZF transmission under the name "Torqueflite 8", a traditional designation that appeared in 1956 for the first time. At that time, Chrysler has developed into developed three-speed automatics, which – today hardly conceivable – in turn replaced automatic transmission with two progress. Such gears are, of course, only operated with a lot of transducer slip and extremely displaceable engines that were no longer justifiable today – even if the 3.6-liter engine in Dodge RAM is not a pronounced downsizing engine in the Dodge RAM.

ZF has been struggling for several years to build up his Prasence in North America. In February 2011, the supplier has begun to build a large gearbox in Gray Court at Garnville, South Carolina,. There are to be built from 2013 eight gears as the Chrysler – and also Neungang machines for vehicles with front-transverse motorization.

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