Zetsche looks possible iauto by apple skeptical

Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche does not believe right against an entry of Apple into the car company – was met then left. "I got it more likely that it does not come in Apple’s intentional car plans as it is called", said Zetsche the Handelsblatt. On the one hand, the time of the conglomerates be over. "Second, the investors also decide whether they would rather want to get involved in fast-lived consumer products or in long-term investment products."

Apple develops an electric car according to the media. For the iPhone Group this would be a radical advancement in a completely different industry. Should it actually come, Zetschen Apple was looking for a lot of success according to his own words and buried the new competitor. He stressed in the World on Sunday but: "We have long experience in automotive construction, we invented the car. And experience is crucial in such a complex business like the automotive industry." Who new to go, did not have them. "When we announced tomorrow that Daimler is planning smartphones, the Apple did not worry or throw away from the train. And that also applies to us", said Zetsche.

Nevertheless, the Daimler boss sees a growing coverage between Auto and IT industry, which allows new potential. However, there could be problems with data protection – about autonomous driving. "We have to look very closely when what data is generated for what purpose", warned zetch loud Handelsblatt. "The trust that the customer relies on us on the subject of security is especially true for the security of his data."

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