Zelectric: new juice for old cafe

Zelectric: new juice for old cafe

Zelectric carries, if you want, a "Select" in the name. In fact, the company resided in California San Diego has even made a pretty strict selection. It electrifies the former air-cooled Volkswagen and Porsche models, but also of those only very specific.

There are VWS of the construction years 1958 to 1967, the T1 with split windshield, Karmann Ghias der 1960s as well as the technically similar, Fruhen Porsche models. Also, the VW Type 181 from 1973-74 (!To). Yes, the even enthusiast false would like to call as "table carts" and that was quite officially as "the Thing" in the Volkswagen price list.

This not quite precisely precisely called "retrofuture" electrification idea came to the company boss David Bernardo 12 years ago, 2006. Retrofuturism actually refers to the idea of the future as they prevailed in the past. Do not be confused. At Zelectric, the term should mean that one wants to connect past and future. But in this sense, he electrified the first cafer until five years ago, after building a team of specialists for old VWs and those in terms of modern electrics.

Are flying cafe retrofuturism?

Why just these cars? First, they are also known and widespread in the USA. Second, they are at least as "cult" as in Europe, and today Zelectric predicts the highest value increase rates. Third, these early models are technically simple enough to really only overrage the engine, without choking the periphery.

So Zelectric does not need to install electrical vacuum pump to provide the brake forceful instead of the internal combustion engine with negative prere. These Fruhen Volkswagen needed no brake force even thanks to self-stronger drum brakes at all ranks. Even the 50-horsepower golf was completely drum braked until 1975 and was supplied only for a surcharge with disc brakes in front and pneumatic brake help.

In addition, the retrofuturistic manufactory on these cars can perform the surrounding without bodywork changes. This means that really only the engine is exchanged. And also the traction batteries find place where he already exists and does not have to be created first. In the cafer in the trunk, the T1 under a bench, for example. Hardcore collectors can even open the option to return to the internal combustion engine if that was about a builder with an originality fetish.

Sound of Silence

The engine, the Zelectric is built up, is connected via a facilitated engine flywheel from the internal combustion engine and a styled single-disc dry coupling with the transmission input shaft. This minimally invasive approach of specialists around Bernardo has a reason. She allows the engineers to reinvent the engineers today: the multimodal electric drive with selective wheel torque. The old vehicles already have the series-mabig. It calls "manual transmission" and allows the driver to choose the wheel torque.

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