World premiere in bologna: the golf plus gets a facelift

World premiere in bologna: the golf plus gets a facelift

Bologna (Italy), 3. December 2008 – some keep the golf plus for the better golf, because he has a little more space in all directions and also offers a high sitting position, which often feels particularly old motorists feel comfortable. While the "small" Golf VI is not a fundamentary new car, but it was done in many details, the Golf Plus also officially maintains a "rough facelift". After all, however, the Golf Plus benefits from new engines and various electronic helpers who had only gone with Golf VI in series. His world premiere celebrates the facelift on the Bologna Motor Show of 3. Until 14. December 2008.

Optics as a connection feature

Autically, the Golf Plus suggests a Brucke to Golf VI, which becomes clear especially in the area of the front area with the newly designed headlamps. The Kuhlerbill now has the black lamella look known from the Golf, and the whole appearance acts a little more than previously represented by sharp lines and edges. The jerk lights with LED technology are held in a new, dark rotton. New steel and alloy wheels are available as well as other remaining in the interior. There are also some elements from Golf VI, such as the steering wheel or the instruments. If the Volkswagen is ordered with climotronic climate control (Climatronic), then a newly developed control of the temperature and aerial control.

Changes in the engines

Even with the motorization, the new follows the specifications of Golf VI. New are the common rail diesel engines with a power between 90 and 140 hp, which remove the pump-DUSE engines. They promise a much more comfortable engine running and according to VW also a consumption reduction of up to 0.8 liters to 100 kilometers. The automatic transmission was abolished the automatic transmission, which was still occasionally for the gasoline. At its place, double-clutch transmissions with six and seven gangs, the latter only for the engine variants with a maximum torque up to 250 nm.

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