Women in turkey desire

Women in Turkey desire

Photo from the 1920s: Kemal Ataturk (Patter) with women who do not wear a headscarf, but a headgear. Image: Unknown / Common-free

Erdogan accuses demonstrating women not to respect Islam

On the 8th. Marz, the International Women’s Day, demonstrated thousands of women on the Istanbul consumption parts Istiklal for the 17th time. Millions of women were on the strain worldwide this day. In Turkey, however, the women’s march was forbidden in the short term and dissolved with Tranengas and rubber chock.

The Turkish journalist Fatih Pinar posted a series of videos that show how brutal the police preceded against the peacefully demonstrating women. Women who purify for human rights, equality and violence against women are not available in Turkey.

In a campaign event on Sunday, Erdogan accused the demonstrating women not to respect Islam. Erdogan carried a video on the event a video of the protest march, which showed women who were singing and dancing through the strain, while a nearby mosque recited the prayer call.

As if the people who otherwise stroll on the iStiLal or shop on the case of AKP election events have been paused for the reputation of the muezzin! The singing, dancing and whistling was not the prayer call, but that was one of the usual expressions of women’s streaming.

In his campaign speech, Erdogan demanded the population almost to self-judiciary by calling for the people to the people "Unpublished, those in the heart of Istanbul’s hostilities against the prayer call, the flag and morality" demonstrated, content areas.

He named the actual enemy with: "Who is behind the horde, which cheats the prayer call, stuck him, trying to vacuum him with whistles, and with their unpaid banners and slogans is true in their discretion? Who is behind her? The CHP. who else? The HDP."

Back to home and stove is the motto

The backwarted women’s policy in Turkey, however, not only meets feminists, also credible Muslimas should best be invisible. The Turkical Ministry of Education has broken down together with the "Server Foundation", The ultraconservative, Strict Muslim Ismailaga Faith Community, the competition: "Lot children in the mosque" initiated. But only boys agree between 6 and 13 years.

The guys can collect points for each prayer completed in the mosque and win a tablet, bicycle or skateboard at the end of the two-week competition. Thus, the children should be used to the mosque.

Even if the mosques are open women – there are separate women’s tracts in most mosques – seeing the increasingly islamist-expectant Muslims in Turkey if their women pray at home.

But the bill goes on Erdogans to make the Turkish society and above all the young generation religious? A survey carried out in 2018 carried out by the Turkish market research institute Conda is very different: 51 percent of the surveyed Turken said to be religious. Ten years before, 2008 it was still 55 percent.

Ten percent stated to be strictly religious, 2008 were 14 percent. The proportion of atheists rose by two percent. The proportion of singles also rose, whereas the arranged marriages are backed by the under 32-year-old. While ten years ago, only ten percent of the girls and young women did not carry a headscarf, it is now 58 percent, which refuse to the headscarf.

Women desire

What is barely perceived in the West: Above all, the women’s movement in Turkey, which, which is always new paths of the protest, and is obeded to all repressions. An action in the social media has a violent debate in the conservatives as well as sacular circles in the Turkish society: thousands of women deposit their headscarf and post them before / after-after photos on instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

On the Blog Asla Yalniz YurumeEyeceksin (you will never go alone), women report on their history and the decision to take the headscarf. The journalist Cebeci spoke with some of the women about their pathogens: "It is a decision. A decision that should be considered as normal (…) For some women, the headscarf is a sign of the liberation from the modern. For other women who are under prere from their family, it is an act of liberation to take the headscarf."

"However, a superwaling number of women reports that their family has forced them under the headscarf and it was difficult to dissipate from this compulsion", Write the Frankfurter Rundschau. The headscarf for women has always been symbist in Turkey and is now used as a symbol of political Islam.

The wife of the prasident, so the main mail, today only carries the Muslim bonded headscarf. 3 years ago, she glorified the harem as "School for the members of the Ottoman dynasty". Her husband reminded the women at the International Women’s Day 2016 that they are first and foremost.

In 1980, after the militar-slip, the headscarf was banned in public institutions because it wanted to return the influence of Islamists. With the power of the ACP, the headscarf ban was repealed in 2002.

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