With schnapps ban against the “violent accelerator”

According to brutal violence in Berlin and Munchen, police and security experts recommend the restriction of alcohol sale and enjoyment

What the Nightlife Volken in Munchens is appropriate bar Schuhmann’s from the suggestion of the Munchner Policeichefs? – In fact, the female bustling bar team actually adheres to such a requirement…No schnappschankanker after midnight asks Wilhelm Schmidbauer. Because a "minority" Consumers not contracted this alcohol and falling with them the moral barriers. Prohibitions of the Prasident of the Munchner police for the UNIGIG, "Because there are currently a unnatural minority that can not be achieved with reasonable arguments".

From the profane sense use, guests in the footman can not be addressed rather; Poets, filmmakers, artists and lebemen have created the call of the bar, here will be celebrated celebrates, not drinking, rather melancholy and Munchner Sparromantik as aggressiveness, at least that says the saga, from which the bar still lives today. The Schmidbauer’s proposal was confronted by confronting what is missing in long nights, unpleasant treasures of joie de vivre through rules that originate in a completely different world. In Schumann there are no beats, only occurrences FURS Feuilleton. If, as many years ago, the house poet and box-afficionado a critic "a long".

The police chief has other minorities in view; He refers to a significant increase in violence under alcohol influence. When the police in 2002 in Munchen still recorded 997 violence of drunken, one registered in the last year 1460. Often the proportion of violence, which were committed under alcohol influence, was also in the ratio to the total. From 25.7 percent ten years ago to 36 percent 2011. "We have a problem in society, more alcohol is consumed", So Schmidbauer opposite the SZ (print, from 22.October, page 2). This is a development that the beer consumption is back and the schnapps use. A minority of consumers was not tolerated.

If the barriers fall

Those who then in which the "Moral barriers fall", The start to become aggressive and to devise to other people, they jump down, teach them ubbles, life-danger injuries, are currently again at public views. In Munchchen, a young man was brought to the clinic near the center with life-hauled injuries, from Berlin became a case in the youngest time a case in which a man in the near the Alexanderplatz was tottus, previously there was the message from a man, that had shot a 22-year-old in his stomach. The exact rusking of the attacks are not yet fully explained, also is not sure if there was alcohol in the game in all cases – it is suspected – that taders are not yet dingfest.

In any case, the shocking messages are in the discussion in the discussion whether the alcohol consumption is to be braced, by sales and consumer bans at certain times about Bahnhofen, as practiced in Nurberg since last weekend. Some, like the boss of the police union, Bernhard Witthaut, demand an expansion:

Alcohol is the violent accelerator number one and therefore we need a ban throughout public transport.

Not always trends can be demonstrated by numbers as clear as of Schmidbauer in Munchen. In Berlin, the world reported on Sunday last weekend, go the number "the trap of advanced totungs offenses" return. Now this is another statistical selection point than the one who is caught in Munchen. It is noteworthy that the business drivers of the Berlin Union of the Police, Klaus Iron Kreich, the racy also explains that less, because "saved" Policemen in Berlin Sign up less crimes. Nothing had changed at the number of offenses, so ferrish, who emphasizes like the Munchner Policeichef, that the inhibition threshold of the tatter "absolutely sunk" may be.

Pre model smoke ban?

In the world on Sunday topics to the problem of the refusal – "Strangers always existed. But recently, with murderlust is struck" – Is the Minister of the Interior Hans-Peter Friedrich (but significantly more about the NSU) and the well-known criminologist Christian Pfeiffer to speak. The CSU politician Friedrich also observes that "we have to do with an ever coarse brutality of the tatter", However, a connection with alcohol is not the speech in his interview. Also not from an alcohol ban. Friederich demands what interior ministers usually demand: more police prestige and more video monitoring at bursting or threads.

Also Pfeiffer has more cameras at Bahnhofen and stops recommended, as well as an alcohol ban in public space. May be that the head of the KFN has in mind what the Munchner Policecehf Schmidbauer evokes: the success of the smoke bond. A walking transition can only come through a change of values, nobody had expected for the smoking ban, "that this is thus absolutely enforced by the population". The demand for a ban on the cancellation of harder alcohol drinks ("Typical case are fodkamic"be) "for all contractual".

Schmidbauer Weib that many of these "Everyone" Not this opinion are. His anti-vodka proposal stobs in the beer capital Munchen "little counter-love". His proposals are a trial balloon. For some, the proposal is currently unrealistic sound, he is in place. The smoking ban was the long time similar.

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